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Jennifer Green says:

Not a fan of banana.. any good suggestions for a substitute?

everytime's the first time says:

Finally a vegan recipe video with ingredients I have in my local store

Robin InVA says:

Superb! I’m not vegan…but, I learn so much from your demos and then I merely slightly adapt them for hubby and me. ♥️

J KK says:

So mashed bananas are ok for 5 days in the fridge?

7thDesertRat says: can you not eat meat omg Homo Sapiens are Omnivores not Herbivores or Carnivores, thanks for sharing

Annabel Moore says:

Won’t the banana in the chia seed pudding go funny?

Debbie Otto says:

I can’t tolerate bananas. Any other suggestions?

Anna Lorraine Yu - Heppenstall says:

I’m not vegan but I always ❤️ watching tour channel. So many great and fun recipes!

lindsanity says:

tip for anyone who can’t find canned jackfruit, i can never find it either, i use canned artichoke instead bc it’s similar in texture and i can usually find it at most grocery stores

Neal Wailing says:

When is the Happy Pear going to go vegan?

S Hess says:

Always a pleasure to watch your videos! Thank you!

David Friedman says:

Knew this would have a dahl or curry even before watching lol

David Mcgregor says:

Great recipe, I will need to try this because it is only vegan whole plants foods I eat these days.

mochitwa says:

Becoming more plant based, thanks for the recipes!

Vito DiGiovanni says:

You upload a video when I’m watching one of your videos

Ruthann Amarteifio says:

Can never go wrong with a curry! 🙂
Just don’t put hot food in plastic containers—-wait for food to cool down!

Hello, it's MK, your Neighbor says:

The hand cut tortillas are so not your style. Why not just cut them in quarters. It wont look as good, but is more realistic.

Bayanola92 says:

We all live for meal prep vids!! You guys inspire me to explore more ingredients <3

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