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Lauren Volk says:

you eat like nothing. I would die

Maya Elizabeth says:

This video was so helpful I’m definitely trying to become a vegetarian and all of these meals look so delicious ☺️

Reem Mohd says:

I can never go vegetarian bcuz i love fish & cheese so much its my guilty pleasure

Chandler Bethley says:

Where is the seasoning in these meals?

Jenna Maya xo says:

before going completely vegetarian do it for 30 days and try different veg and substitutes if your okay with them then your good to goo

Emily Ridal says:

Could someone tell me what the container she uses for her morning ice water is called exactly. I have been trying so hard to find something like it- I know cups like those are mostly sold in atarbucks’ but since there are none around me I have been trying to find them somewhere else

Micheal Green says:

Is Chicken stock acceptable to be used instead of oil for the stir fry vegetables, and do you feel hungry throughout the day with the meals stated?

ThePantheridea says:

start @ 0:56

Marjorie Merrill says:

I don’t care for avacado…Can you suggest a substitute?

Hexilux says:

Your videos are too washed out.

Donovan Wilder says:

Those recipes are similar to mine and I just made stuff upp as time went by. Thanks for the videos.

Love YouTube1 says:

I’m considering going vegetarian and only eating a little bit of chicken and fish☺️

sagrammyfour says:

Don’t throw out the water you boiled your vegetables in. I either drink it or save it for soup.

dre170691 says:

how can you just have 2 tortilla wraps for lunch? wtf? that’s not even a snack

JoosyJoose says:

love these videos!

MY MASTER whip's me! lol says:

Stop eating plants because they are living beings that have a mind of their own!!!

Baby Alive Mommy says:

guess what i am a vegetarian any tips

Fiona 24x7 says:

Thanks for this. Im thinking of going vegetarian again because I don’t like meat anyway.

spanish monkey says:

this seem to lean more towards vegan rather than vegetarian being a vegetarian means that you still meat in the context of fish and eggs and dairy products

Liz Widner says:

Great video! Thank you for this. I’m a new vegetarian 🙂

hazel corty says:

in the tortia you can put beens in it too

Amy Ferrigno says:

I’m gonna be a vegetarian cause its sad people kill animals for people to eat

Izzy Rosario says:

I’m vegetarian.

Red Fighter says:

i just started becoming a vegetarian and this really helped as i want to change up my palate thank you

Adam Richardson says:


erin lizzy1 says:

Im vegetarian but The think is im allergic to celery and carrots and peanuts and I hate most veggies but I do like cooked brocolli and cooked green beans and tomatoes but thats all

Carly Duquette says:

that quesadilla would go good with some eggs and quinoa

Vanesa Rutkauskaite says:

I am starting to become a vegaterian, all I wanna know is fish okay to eat?

Maria Konstantinou says:

These sre all snacks not actual meals


honestly…I’m not vegetarian or trying to be…I’m just dont have any meat and I’m too broke as shit to buy some. this gave me some ideas, HA! thanks

quirky mermaid28 says:

You kinda look like ashley tisdale’s younger sister

Emilija Zilinskaite says:

I am going vegeterian but after few months of vegeterian i am going slowly to try going vegan thank you for these awesome recepes

Elias Nil says:

DO NOT drink cold water any time and especialy IN THE MORNING… you are harming your body

Gia Isabel says:

I turned Vegetarian today and I’m already seeing differences in my mental health and I feel way better !

RumTumTuggy says:

you barely eat anything

Hannah R says:

In the cassadilla I put green and red peppers cheese and tomatoes

Tween Life says:

Ugh FML I’m only 12 and my family just buys a look of meat and I hate eating meat it makes me want to puke its good but ugh if I say I want to go vegetarian they would look at me like I’m dumb laugh so I skip all the meat stuff mostly and yesterday they cooked chicken and Mac n cheese I only ate Mac n cheese (but I love fish ugh FML)

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