Veggie Spring rolls recipe | Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Learn how to make Indo-chinese style delicious appetizer veggie spring rolls at home. This is a super simple recipe for home made spring rolls.

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Firoz Khannoon says:
sanji gaming says:

Fai schifo

Hayley 101 says:

Put the ingredients in the description

aimeecurry46 says:

Those looked delicious I love spring rolls. What is the sauce your dipping them into or what do you think is the best kind of sauce.

ThatsSoGiorgio says:

Awesome 🙂 thank you! I turned vegetarian a few months ago and have been running out of lunch ideas since I recently gave up fish. And the other day I had a spring roll and it tasted amazing. I bought some wraps and veggies yesterday to try and make some today.

Madeleine Robertsen says:

where do I find the Egg Rolls/lumpia or what it is? or is it home made? 🙂

Doris Ampofowah says:

Thanks for your video is very helpful!

Girija Venugopan says:

thank u for sharing the snaks 

Marilyn Barrett MBACP/CBT/REBT says:

those spring rolls look great

Krishna khan says:

Does your stove heat purple?

Saarland 2 China says:

Great Video, thank you, give you a thumbs up! Do you want to know how REAL traditional CHINESE SPRINGROLL looks like and how it is eaten in CHINA? Then check out my video and my channel: watch?v=1ZgDfsf2evE

Hetty Naphata says:

Thanks. gona try it soon

Laleine Mirjang says:

Mmm yummy and crispy good

assertyourself says:

you mean well during the video, but you should really tie back your hair as a cook, its very unappetizing to see a cook with hairs strewn all around the food.

Laura Bullock says:

I must tell you how much I love this recipe.  About 2 weeks ago, I was on a mission to get spring rolls.  Long story short — Bad service at one place and just nasty at another, so I decided to make them myself.  Came across your channel, and I am totally hooked.  They are so easy and delicious.  The ginger…..  So true, I will never, ever order them again at the restaurant.  Thanks for sharing — You Rock!

Avedon Tennyson says:

Why must people criticize and nitpick others!  This nice lady is trying to teach people how to make vegetable rolls.  She is obviously in her own home so why does she need to tie up her hair to do this video.  This isn’t a video about cooking etiquette/hygiene.  If that is what you are interested in, then look up that video! Geez!  Thanks Eat East Indian for a lovely video 🙂

Paramjit Sidhu says:

Alway tie your hair

gavin moras says:

You are beautiful

Leon says:

Thx for a great recipe & explanation. You were awesome. Have to try these. Keep up the good work. You earned my subscription.

Evolution Knowledge says:

how much to buy your hair??

Rajesh Kumar says:

Thank you for the recipe! Will definitely try making them soon.

gymshow 101 says:

going to make them tonight! so exited

Sydney Silver Show says:

good stuff 🙂

Teresa Usher-Tsamis says:

They look great and I will try them this week.  But what can I use as a dipping sauce?

lespatriotsfan says:

But how much garlic and ginger? Lol 🙂

Hilda NaalamleLamptey says:

nice,this is really helping.I love that

satnam grewal says:


Eat East Indian says:

ty 🙂

Sauleha Shaikh says:

lovely. you explain very well.

Nian's Cooking Diary says:

owww….nice & yummy recipe….looking so delicious…waiting for your next recipe…

DSPsNUMBER1fan says:

0:12 …. Did she say, “Here I have some shredded garbage?” 

Ivette Gonzalez says:

I bought that same pastry!

Aqhleema Shad says:

nice and crunchy.. recipe is quite easy..

Paige Wall says:

did it annoying anyone else that she left the burner on the whole time while rolling?

IzzyNChrist says:

Thank you for not using eggs I will try this

Honeymoonrapsody22 says:

did u make the wrappings

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