Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese | Super Food Family Classics | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s taken this family favourite and given it a veggie twist! Porcini mushrooms and plump lentils create a ragu that’s as rich and full of flavour as a meaty version. It’s packed with protein, contains three of your five a day and by choosing wholewheat spaghetti you’re also upping your fibre intake – spag bol the healthy choice? We’ll take that!

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Charlotte Matou says:

This looks really nice! What kind of lentils are you using? Any recommendations as for the type (red, green…)?

Zef says:

Hey Jamie great recipe. One thing though, I seen a couple of your vids and I noticed that you say the whole “3 veg in your 5 a day..” or something like that and I wanted to point out that just because a dish *HAS* 3 types of vegetables does not mean that they count towards the 5 a day suggestion. You have to have adequate portions of each vegetable for it to be considered part of the 5 a day. Example 100 grams of spinach might equal *1 whole serving*. Maybe just emphasize *”5 servings”* in more of your vids? The reason I bring this up is because I know your videos get alot of views and I wouldnt want your channel to be the cause of misinformation. In fact by considering this you can spread the knowledge, again due to your high amount of viewers.

Niamh Mckeown says:

but does look tasty. just saying

Kathy Inigarida says:

Did he say lentils?

Beth Crook says:


noel smith says:

So happy Jamie did a veggie version!

Vanesa Alegre says:

vegan. not “veggy”

Sondos K says:

I made this recipe and it’s soooo good

Hassan Kamel says:

Chianti?! *tfhfthfhthffhh

EvilKor says:

Dammit. I was just about to tell him off for using Parmesan

Jing Kang says:

so you got a fresh tomatoes to make those tomato sauces,why did u ignore it?kinda disgusting cooking style i ever seem before,suck !

La Marie Gui says:

this lo0ks amazing thank you for all the veg recipes!


thank you Jamie for the vegetarian meal, is for the animals men, they do not deserve what we are doing to them 🙁

KoopalingDjango says:

I botched this by accidentally putting too much water in it, on plus side I’ve got a nice veggie and lentil soup now.

Adri O says:

canned foods r NOT super food.

lnwn says:

Maybe some fennel instead of celery.

Ivona Flakus says:

Hahaha I see Jamie is desperate for views so he’s trying to gain the vegan part of youtube population!
Well played sir..

Anon Anon says:

nice, but portion too big..that’s way too much carb..

Shabia71 Khanom says:

What’s the vegetarian Parmesan alternative brand used? Where do I buy this from?

Robert Lunardi Lauw says:

mmm.. yummy..

wiccan daoist says:

Bolognese is not supposed to be served with spaghetti but with tagliatelle. I probably would miss the meat in this sauce a lot. but maybe you can make it with smokes tofu or something. Also i thought you are supposed to make bolognese with tomato puree and not whole tomatoes. I am not sure what the difference would be but i guess the tomato puree is stronger of flavour.

Edit: tomato puree has a lot stronger flavour and is also more sweet (the puree i used anyway)

Niamh Mckeown says:

Gone off pasta for life. They’ve ruind it. why????

michael sharp says:

Parmesan contains calf rennet….

Leslie Perez says:

thank you so much for this beautiful recipe im so happy to see a veg option!

claude dehay says:

hi there. I wondered if you have done anymore videos for SUPER FOOD FAMILY CLASSICS. i really wish to watch these recipes get made. yes no?

FischRaubArt 823 says:

er ist einfach der beste

Emanuel Azevedo says:

chama o bigode

Dartchy says:

Can I use white wine instead?

Deepthi Ravishankar says:

what can be used instead of the mushrooms?

Danil Xu says:

is there a way not to used canned tomatoes? if i like to out of whole tomatoes, where do i make my own tomato sauce?

Em Kovat says:

I don’t like mushrooms, what can I use instead?

Fedor Voronov says:

I know this is supposed to be italian dish, but the way it is cooked is very british (slow cooking in lots of humidity) imho though, so don’t h8, mah m8.

From Kawasaki says:

I cooked this and it was so mild and rich. I can’t believe I cooked THIS! Thank you so much for sharing this Jamie.

Jenni Anchors says:

lose the cheese, b0ss

kmm2442 says:

Jamie, big love for doing a vegetarian version. Thanks so much and please do more.

Karine PPC says:

Amei… só queria vê algum prato delicioso para intolerantes e alérgicos a lactose. Como tudo a base de soja, e de proteínas: cabra, cordeiro, porco, frango, ovos, peixes… menos “vaca” e parentes… rsrs…

Chantal Ward says:

I don’t have porcini, but I have dried shiitake, and I don’t have parsley but I do have Thai basil. I’ll give that a go and see what happens. I also don’t have canned lentils, but I do have some fresh romano beans that I’ve been waiting for the perfect thing to use them in… I think I will try this out! Might turn into a slightly different dish, though. Lol

Michal says:

Probably first Jamie’s recipe without chilly. :))

Joe Brooks says:

Can someone explain to my why this is vegetarian and not vegan? It it just because of the cheese?

Hannah Grace says:

Peasant dish? Porcini mushrooms & bay leaves… not in my peasant cupboard. Lol

Jerry Shea says:

Done this type of Pasta many an time,and I experiment wth different Veggies..I do tend to neglect the Vino though,(will have 2 rectify that problemo)..Good meal by Jamie..

Brittany McKeever says:

THANK YOU!!! And you used vegetarian “parmesan”!!!! Never heard of that cheese before! I’m so happy right now I could cry <3

BetaTester9 says:

Can this veggie bolognese sauce be used in a lasagna instead of regular meat sauce? Can I skip the red wine or is it a necessary ingredient? I hope somebody can answer my two questions 🙂

DEB BIE says:

This may look delicious and although I think Jamie Oliver’s recipes are delish, this s absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it this evening and no one would eat it. YUCK
PS I am plant based and my children have 8-10+ a day so it’s not that we don’t eat fruit & veg.

EWWWW!! horrid flavour and aftertaste.

Lion Eyes says:

Vegans be loving this

Juliana Macedo says:

what kind of lentils are you using? red ? green?

Devanshi J says:

I love that this is Vegetarian and not Vegan. It’s becoming more difficult to find veggie dishes most the ones I find I vegan. I love cheese , dairy and even eggs but avoid meat and Poultry.

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