Today we prove that you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy veggie dishes! These peppers have loads of flavour stuffed in (literally!) and we’re sure you’re going to love them.

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moskitomagnet says:

Ben’s “Thank you” at 0:46 is pretty funny. XD

natasha safdar says:

Just don’t stop talking lol

Howlin' Smoke BBQ says:

Nice cook my friends really like this

Veronica Rangel says:

That guy is soooo hot. He can cook!

yomarie09 says:

To be more healthy instead of rice you should use quinoa

Ishbel Alvarado says:

Im going to make this but i might substitute the olives for black beans (i dont like olives)

Sarojanie R.Babwah says:

i have never seen tomatoes like that. can i use fresh tomatoes instead?

Tony Martin says:

I’m making this tonight, but instead of cheese I am adding a few walnuts (finely chopped) and raisins.

Squish says:

This would be a nice side dish too.  Looks really good. 

PixieII says:

It’s not so much a vegetarian favourite, it’s just that it’s normally one of the only veggie options on menus alongside some form of cheese tart and something else involving cheese and mushrooms.

Jimmy Page says:

Who the hell can afford fresh mozzarella?

Verity Adeline says:

I made this tonight for my dad he really liked it, thanks 🙂

kiwwwwy says:

i am making these right now 😀 can’t wait to try them 🙂

Premanator2000 says:

If you cut the top off the pepper, it’ll fill one whole pepper and make it yummier and more to eat

W. RenèeJay says:

That baking pan was filthy. White vinegar can get out those baked on stains. Good video.

PledgeTheVeg says:

Vegetarians everywhere, lend me your ears! You have all made an excellent decision to not eat meat. It is a wonderful first step towards leading a cruelty free diet. HOWEVER, the food you eat still involves the maltreatment of animals! When you purchase eggs, THINK about the detestable living conditions faced by those hens. When you purchase milk, THINK about how corporations MISTREAT and ABUSE their cows for maximum milk production, GENETICALLY MODIFYING them. You don’t NEED that HONEY, let those bees BE! A diet without ANY animal products, a diet FREE from cruelty…leave no footprint, my friends! #PledgetheVeg

Beth Fairweather says:

Would goats cheese be a good alternative to mozzarella?

Chris Kimber says:

Good work chaps – you saved the day!

Rafina Lucas says:

I am making this tonight!!! Promise!!!! 😀

SDarlOmenS says:

cheese is made from cows milk how is it vegatarian

Meh says:

Looks good! And if you leave out the cheese and substitute quinoa for the rice, you can have a vegan version with lots of protein!

TheRainbowsrcool says:

please please cook something without any dairy 

Keukeu45 says:

really nice

ShowSickRosa says:

In my family we stuff the peppers with uncooked rice and then everything cooks together, if we put it n meet we cook it before.

tbizone2002 says:

where’s the recipe? The link doesn’t connect to anything!!

Max Bates says:

It’s nice that you give and alternative to vegans for stuffed peppers

tbizone2002 says:

I’ve made this a million times but never understood what the recipe means by a “MUG” of rice??? I use COUSCOUS. ANY ADVICE??

Gareth Hornby says:

Nice food but I want to cut the guys hair x

321scully says:

Looks good guys!

Marwezbok 12 says:

great recipe!

tbizone2002 says:

what happened to the website’s written down recipe?

Isaac Nash says:

I made this recipe last night but added a more italian twist and it was delicious!

Elan Ganz says:

i made it, IT IS THE BOMB

Kristina Benson says:

The recipe looked delicious, however I don’t think I could ever eat rice that you had to drain the water off of first. Properly cooked rice has no leftover, extra water in it & it is completely fluffy with individual grains of rice. My mom is from Panamá & we have a special pot called a pila, we add some oil to the pot, 2 cups of rice & we toast the rice (you can add garlic & onion)than about 3 cups of liquid (water, coconut milk or stock) & cook for 15-20 minutes. It’s perfect specially when concho forms on the side of the pila.

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