Vegetarian Southern Collard Greens Recipe

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Collard greens prepared without meat yet still full of that smokey, southern flavor! Who says meatless collard greens lack soul?

Honey these collards are not messing around and this is how I prepare my greens the vegetarian way. The applewood smoke salt is doing it’s thing all up in these greens! And don’t even get me started on the flavor the fresh onions, garlic, vegetable broth and hot sauce brings!

The greens simmer slowly, soaking up all that yumminess. One bowl is never enough!!

Try them out and let me know what ya think!

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Thanks for the idea , I’m cooking collard greens as we speak. Love your videos keep it up 🙂

Maggie1223 says:

me too i love the juice of collard greens

Amir O says:

You and your recipe both are delicious. 

blackcitroenlove says:

SO GOOD. I’m an Eastern Cherokee woman who grew up with this good food. I recently converted to Judaism, and I keep a kosher home, so this is how I do it 🙂 It’s closer to the old way anyway, we didn’t have pork in the ancient days 😉

Bigfellr says:

I’m Tongan and we eat these leaves with coconut cream and corned beef mmmmmmmmm

Rj Tousaint says:

you made me want to be a vegitarion lol jk i love meat but yummy!!!

Chanel Eddines says:


Soo Jazzy says:

Since I been on my 80/20 eating regime this recipe has been used heavily of course modification were made but I have used it on kale and cabbage and yummy thanks

tina chau says:

Do more vege recipient

Ms Jaye says:

These were DELICIOUS! I don’t like collards so I used mustard and turnip + I added chopped turnip root to it. SO good. Thank you Divas Can Cook.

Alison Self says:

I am trying to make myself eat greens! I really don’t like greens, but NEED to! Anyway, as a vegan this recipe is perfect! I am going to try it tonight! Thanks 🙂

TheQB1978 says:


Mara Venu says:

My kind of girl.Like it hot and spicy. Learned something new today from you.Going after my own smoked sea salt.Thanks for the tip.Great recipe.Great girl with a sense of humor. Happy Holidays.

Kamisha Bourdeaux says:

Nice!!!! I love the applewood. it was sooo good.

Blessed Natural says:

do you have a cabbage recipe

Felicia Thomas says:

I need to make this version.

TheKnowledgeThurst says:

Bacon taste? :-

Awillii says:

Making these for thanksgiving! I love vegan side dishes!!

Dominic Cobb says:

thank you for making my vegetarian transition possible LOL

Joyce Morales says:

You do no that a machine dose the washing

Asad Beldo says:

One of my new favorite dishes substituted smoke for smoke paprika came out great

Ilana Bar-Hai says:

loved this dish and am sharing the recipe (giving you credit of course)

Ginger Tansil says:

throw down gurl

ltown624 says:

The smoked salts was awesome

Abundance Nine says:

haha, nah it makes your fibery to shoot outta your butt easier

hermusicsoundsgood says:

Love gonna try this. New subbie

Soundevant says:

I am a new vegetarian, striving to become a vegan, thanks for the recipe.

Kay Jay says:

I am a new subscriber and I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!! You make me want to cook more! lol You need a cooking show!

tyanasm says:

applewood smoked salt, ima try this.  thx

Felicia Thomas says:

Gyrl, Ladie! Delicious recipe Thanks for the heathy tip!

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