Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 495

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Dana Z says:

Some of my friends who keep kosher just use some of the water that they cooked the potatoes in.

adam4757 says:

Worcestershire sauce isn’t vegetarian

Listrentite says:

This is a gardeners pie. (Name for a vegy shepherds pie.)

Kitti M. | kijajlany90 says:


mariahtr says:

is it an italian thing to cook too much food. it’s definitely part of our culture (Cyprus). my mum always gets too nervous about making sure that there is enough food for everyone and she ends up making double the amount needed

Lua Briceno says:

for the potatoes I use earth balance, and cashew cream or almond milk. I’ll also add some roasted garlic if I’m feeling extra fancy lol

Carol Laranja says:

looks delicious, I will make for Christmas meal!

natalie ko says:

How can this be veggetarian if you add anchovies in from the worchestershire sauce?

maddie beaumont says:

i use vegan sour cream!

Murry Moon says:

Vegetarian Worcestershire sauce exists and you can get it at most grocery stores so you guys can just use that, and if your vegan, just use unsweetened soy, almond, rice, or coconut milk and earth balance butter for your mash potatoes! This recipe looks rad! Imma make  it for my meat eating boyfriend.

TruthWillBringFreedom says:

Make your veggie stock homemade!!! Easy! Water+celery+carrots+onions+shallots+garlic+salt+white wine+1 hr after boil simmer

Reena Satheesh says:

Can I substitute soy sauce for Worcestershire sauce, for this vegetarian version?

NoOneKnows says:

Does it freeze well Laura?

berry more says:

I think vegans should come up with their own dishes. It seems rather defeating the purpose of saving animals while you make dishes based on them. Just my opinion from a non-vegan.

hemanth TM says:

haaah i have same ingredients now m gonna try it veg shepherd s pie (:

MrLinushka says:

since I eat kosher I add to mashed potatoes(if the main curse is meat) caramelized onions its divine!! delicious and low fat

Mary C says:

Hi Laura, I love your videos! Most of the channels I subscribe to are vegan but I so appreciate all the veggie friendly recipes you make! Thanks for all you do.

daniel Leo says:

you add wine into vegetarian dish?? imagine how many insects there are inside!!!

Nadia Uddin says:

I have no oven not fair

Ria says:

Add some tomato purée it intensifies the flavour.

Ayelet says:

How come the recipe on your website doesn’t include the tomatoes? Did you decide to leave them out?

Amanda Marie says:

omg looks delicious

akinda girl says:

what can i substitute the lentils with?

halpwr says:

Thank you!

Mewa C says:

for vegan mashed potatoes I use earth balance butter and chasew milk (its creamier and gives a better flavor to savory dishes). To add more flavor I roast garlic in foil in the oven for 30 mins too 😀 then mix all with spices (cumin, coriander, paprika) and its delicious! I dont even miss the dairy in this recipe

Sofie xoxo says:

I really ant to put that bottle back to the same place lol

darin and wiggs says:

Worcestershire sauce is not vegetarian

William Hegg says:

The most pleasant woman I have ever SEEN!

Courtshannon says:

thank you so much laura. Ive had my wisdom teeth taken out & this is a massive help

Geoffrey Graham says:

Thank you. I’ve done this recipe before but I don’t usually add red wine to my vegetables.  Usually I only use red wine when I making a red wine sauce for beef.  I found it interesting that you heat up your milk and butter prior to adding it to the mash potatoes.  I haven’t done that before, so I will use this tip next time am mashing potatoes.

6rockinrobin says:

Thank you for this!  Daughter just went VEGAN and would love this!! I think I’ll make this for her today! 😀

Sarah Ali says:

I can’t use red vin so I can make it

Coral Laroc says:

That’s two lots of salt..

Stephanie Kemp says:

I put Almond Milk in with my mash potatoes 😀

Thomas Shawn Oldford says:

hey laura … try soft tofu instead of sour cream

Ranjini Rao says:

Why is the pie so runny in the end? Isnt it supposed to be pretty solid?

Rachel Hudson says:

I always make my mashed potatoes a bit on the dry side when used as a topping. They soften up further when oven baked.

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