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Vegan Steak!? Wait, did I really say VEGAN STEAK!? Yes guys, this is really a recipe for vegan steak. This vegan steak is bursting with flavor and is the texture is awesome! So, yes! How to Vegan Steak.

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2. Forks over Knives
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Michelli Wodzicki says:

oh my fucking god just fucking stop fucking saying “I’m gonna go ahead”

belinda hawkins says:

That’s your boy
And I’m going to try that vegan steak for sure
I can have meat
But I need to be cognizant to how much
So I try not to have it everyday and not every meal
Thank u for the vegan steak

chris craig says:

Looks very good

Make It Dairy Free says:

Just found you on YT 🙂 Loveeee this recipe! I need to make asap!

Sandy West says:

Go ahead

James McCutcheon says:

thank you I will try to make this.

Pedram Kamngar says:

good trip for vegan >>>>>>>

ginger Harper says:

It looks delicious. I was very distracted by the amount of times you said “you’re/I’m/we’re going to go ahead….”

Zakhayu Rian says:

Gluten free ?

Maria Capellan says:

Any gluten free substitute? Looks amazing

Abel Cheng says:

I ain’t even vegan and I already like the video. I’m going vegan today and this will help a lot

H Seng Naw Aung says:

You look so unhealthy baby

Lovely209 says:

i made it. it was so good. genuinely blew my mind. thanks for sharing!

Nina825 says:

What if you don’t have time to marinate for an hour?

Ádám Mészáros says:

Can you do this with real meat?

God_is_LoVe says:

I”ve been Vegan 5 years of my life and future more. I”m glad found some vegan cooking simple.

Linda N says:

What is nooch?

nicole dimartino says:

Has anyone calculated the nutrition info on these?

Tanya Dosh says:

Ewwwww…. vegans are f up in their head.

Gabrielle Charlton says:

Girl your wedding ring is gorgeous!

Michael Gutierrez says:

I like this…except for the oil

PT SD says:

Random comment: Who else watched this for the memes and isn’t a vegan?
Me: probably everyone watching

Peter Johnson says:

We’re gonna go ahead and make this into a drinking game

M 205 says:

I can’t find vital wheat gluten

Fatma Alasnag says:

Can I use black beans instead?!

Vidah Rose says:

Honestly i feel vegans just need to make there own foods n not call them steaks and all thats so misleading just call it what it is and maybe you’d convert people. I don’t want to eat something thinking its something else.just saying

MrRebornSoul says:

Thank you . Thank you. Thank you. I tried it and it came out perfectly. You are making my vegan transtition much easier. I look forward to trying your other video’s. Your are appreciated.


If you put this in front of me for valentines day, we and you are done on the spot. No offence

Silvia Cortez says:

Not healthy but like the try.

Reinis Martinsons says:

Just why?

Angie Harper says:

Can I use regular flour?

Nxel says:

Too many go ahead

Mind Body&Soul says:

Thank you for this awesome recipe!!!

Breanna Kuhn says:

Thanks so much! I’m so trying this for dinner

Tonya Drifka says:

Could we use oat flour for this? I am gluten sensitive….

Rosy Angeles says:

Someone please answer, can I use gluten free flour?!

Vampireleniore says:

I’m intrigued.

Tee H. says:

Wow, that looks amazing!

2Spooky4Tim says:

This kinda looks like a cookie dough recipe

Taryndasilva 6 says:

I’m shook to say the least

Petra Olsen says:

Hey Rose I made this two nights ago and it was AMAZING!! Tonite I’ll be trying the sweet and spicy orange tofu. Yummmm.

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