Ucche Alu Bhaate | Korola Bhaate | Bitter Gourd and Potatoes Bengali Vegetarian Recipe

Uchhe Alu Bhaate literally means bitter gourd and potatoes in rice. ‘Bhaate’ are a type of frugal Bengali dishes where vegetables are boiled along with the day’s rice. Once cooked, the boiled vegetables are fished out, and then may be mashed, seasoned with salt and garnished with pungent mustard oil. A tiny helping of this is served just at the beginning of the meal to be eaten with rice. This opens up the palette to the other more extravagant dishes that are coming up. Uchhe or bitter gourd is also eaten during the spring when the cold winter turns to the hot summers in Bengal, and various contagious diseases such as measles and pox become common. Bitters were believed to help protect the body against these diseases.
KOROLA BHAJA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETLTfS7T8m4
TETO’R DAAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZMuX05_eGU
MAKE PERFECT RICE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkzICnqYMrY

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Mousumi Das says:

Eta khete khete mukh poche gelo, r ranna pele na?

Niku Sonowal says:

pls jackfruit ka recipe dijia na

supriya mondal says:

Ae recipe to sobai jane

Anirban Kundu says:

Ucche Alu Posto

Md.tariqulislamtanim Md.tariqulislamtanim says:

Little amount of onion and green chilli will add more taste….common food of every bengali family..

Upama Dasgupta says:

My mother adds some pumpkin to this and the blend of mild sweetness with bittergourd is DIVINE

Diana Prince says:

Hey guys !! Have been a fan of your channel since the beginning . But like many others ,lately I have been disappointed by your uploads .. I read your reply to someone else’s comment .. I understand your goal that you have put up in your “about” section .. But may I suggest you to alternate such recipes with the complex ones ? As a viewer it won’t be monotonous then .. This is just a programming suggestion . Kudos to all the hard-work you guys put in ! All the best for future videos ! Cheers!



Srabani Chakraborty says:

Ha ha, choto theke everyday ma jor kore khete dito, now ami amar meye der everyday diye thaki. ☺

Rubina Sultana says:

Omlett curry recipe ta download kora jacche na kano? Please janaben aktu.

Paromita Guha says:

Ucche aloo bhate abar shekhanor ki acche?Jato shob baje time waste.


Please ektu bhaate aar mosur dal ranna theke berie notun kichhu din

Brehmi Saha says:

Choto Bela ta mone pore gelo.. Kichutei teto khete chaitm na.. Scl jaor Somoy ma thik eivabe vater sathe mekhe khaoto… Amr Pisi o Dada der jor kore evabe khaoto… Kato purono katha j mone porche.. Tabe amara “”vate”noi..”alu-Karla seddo ” boli ekhane…!! Lots of love to u guys.. ♥♥


Valoe lage

Yuvraj Singh says:

Your channel is amazing!

Rim Bordoloi says:

my frvrt

Dhiraj Kumar says:

Simple and healthy
Plz upload chicken biryani recipie

Amrita Tarafdar says:

Ekdin ektu tomader set up niye ekta video korbe please? Like, camera,microphone,theek kiki bhabe final recipe select koro, bloopers etc.? Khub jante ichhe hoy ei sundor video gulor BTS stories! 🙂

Sumanan Bhattacharya says:

You make everything count out there, with so much love! Love you guys…! Remembering early ninety’s…

satyajit deb says:

khub sundar, sound effect,ta ektu beshi mone holo…

Arthita Roy says:

উচ্ছে বা করলার দানা সমেত ও দারুন লাগে।

Sonuja Azmi says:

Nice very healthy dish

abhisikta Banerjee says:

Please make a video of nonta suji.

Saptak Mukherjee says:

aloo ta ki yukon gold??

Sohini Ganguly says:

Erokm recipe dile subscriber kome jaabe, plz Bangali rannar koto Kichu ache segulo dekhaao, lok e data khorcha kore esob dekhbe keno?

Manideepa Chatterjee says:

this one is pure bliss to me

Arinda M says:


Raica Mondal says:

I love your channel. :’)

SalmaTheChef says:

Valo laglo dekhte. Tobey onek artificial sound. Seddho alu khosa charalen ar kagoj cherar awaz holo 😉

Mandrita Chatterjee says:

Even the very bitter can be presented so sweetly.carry on Samaritan

Deepmala Roy says:

Video gulo eto shundor je teto alu bhaate o dekhte bhalo lage! This is witchcraft!

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