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I hope you get an idea to enjoy vegan Japanese food 💕
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I am not a vegan (and many Japanese people here are not), so I understand it is difficult to find vegan Japanese food recipes.


Dashi is a Japanese soup stock used for many dishes. Kombu Dashi (Kelp Broth) is a Vegan option. It includes only water and dried kelp. The easiest and fastest you can make is by mixing hot water and kelp Dashi powder sold at most Japanese grocery stores or maybe online!

Miso is not only for the soup but can be used to add tasty flavor to the dishes. Please get Miso without Dashi.

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NamiNami921 says:

Ahhh thank you so much for this! I am vegan and love Japanese food so this is perfect

Yayoi Vixen says:

Thanks for sharing some vegan recipes on top of the others. That’s respectful and precious of you to do so.

Смеяна Жемчужная says:

I like flavors of Japanese cuisine, and I’m a vegetarian. This video can combine two of my preferences together. Thank you very much!

Liana H says:

Yaaay! Thank you so much!

Roofbird says:

I’m a vegetarian, so I’m very happy with this list. Thank you! The recipes:

0:00 Agedashi Tofu
0:56 Ginger Dressing
1:40 Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce
3:11 Corn Cream Korokke
5:04 Shiitake Stems Kinpira
6:10 Lucky Simmered Vegetables
7:45 Vegan Okonomiyaki
9:20 Tofu Hamburger Steak
10:35 Tofu Chicken Nuggets
11:38 Whole Tomato Rice

Studyinghoe says:

Please make more of these I love it!

Vanessa Bittencourt says:

Panko bread crumbs is not gluten free, just an advice for celiacs! 🙂

Francheska White says:

Honey isn’t vegan.

moonlightstripes says:

Hi Ochikeron! I was going through your old video again lol. And I was wondering if you have an alternative to the sugar from your Azuki Red Bean Paste from Scratch video. Is it possible to use sweetener instead of sugar? So that it could be diabetic free?

skycilia says:

Finally without  the distractions.

DosZanahorias says:

Love it !!!! And so easy and thanks for putting substitutes because some thugs I can’t find here.

ikyookie says:

I’m loving these videos 😀 I’m trying to go vegan and am so glad i found Japanese options! 😀 Btw my bunny loves the music ^^

marzipanthequeen says:

I love this ☺thank you for making a vegan options video! I have also tried some of your recipes using store-bought meat substitutes and they were delicious! I love your channel ❤

Adrix Folk says:

Nice ideas <3 Thanks so much for this video, darling.

Giulia Pugliese says:

Isn’t the Dashi sauce not vegan since it has bonito flakes in it?

wolk cumulus says:

I thought Dashi contains fish stock… can you exlain?? I love to try this but I don’t want to eat fish 🙁

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