Tasty Paneer and Tamarind Spicy Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Recipe

This recipe is a result of me running out of spices and trying tamarind paste with my paneer and eggs. I am currently addicted to this and can’t get rid of this. Hope you all like this recipe.

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Vineeth Roy says:

It’s called as Paneer only in Telugu ;Andhra Pradesh

Kyle Cummings says:

Looks good!

Saurabh Raut says:

Guys follow guru mann

Shreyas Kamath says:

chavati gammat ve?

mithun kurpath says:

Very bad


shreyas Just earned half dollar from youtube…. keep it up

Calisthenics INDIA says:

good video .How much protein do u take in a day?

Umeed Kassam says:

Now thats a cleaaaan shirt . Loving that t shirt

laxis grey says:

hey bro can you make a video about your family, friends, studies, height etc

Conquer Nation Fitness says:


SeanSolo_Strength says:

Capsicum? I guess that’s a Bell Pepper?

mugesh raj says:

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harpreet singh says:

Hay bro Can we use whey protien for losing weight? Please reply

Jayant Rijhwani says:

hi shreyas…
awesome video man.
bro is it ok to eat 100 or 200 gm of tofu every day..
thanks for the videos..


hey bro I get blackouts while doing legs all the time , my vision becomes blurry and I think my sugar levels drop and I almost become unconcious , this happens only when I do legs and not on upper body , why ? I do extensions 4 sets , leg press 4 sets , lunges 2 sets and jump squats 2 sets , that’s it

adhu aadhar chaudhary says:

daaam… u got a very nice T-shirt man…

Jacob Cherian says:

Basement Warrior and fitness chef !

Loyed Santmajor says:

burning off the paneer is surely not good although it tastes heavenly

apoorva shrimali says:

Hi shreyas. Thanks for such informative videos for us. Brother can you get me the names of some trusted websites which conduct and contain articles of bodybuilding.? If you have no problem. Kindly let me know brother.

Yash Wadhwa says:

sir If we order from bodybuilding. com do we have to pay the octroi separately or its included in shipping charges

Mayukh Sen says:

I simply use skim milk powder which is 240inr per KILO in India and has 35 gram of protein per 100gram of skim milk powder. I drink things like cocoa milkshakes and custards and stuff.
However I am considering to turn a vegan because of the estrogen content in milk…. Does skimmed milk powder have as much estrogen as whole milk Sreyash? It worries me a lot.

SeanSolo_Strength says:

“Cut it, Cut it.”

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