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waasqoodd says:

wow i wish i had the energy to go to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients and than the energy to actually make it

Lil Vitamins says:

Carnivores has left the chat

Valli Weidemann says:

This needs okra

Susanfuzz says:

As a severely lactose intolerant person, I say “yay!”

DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer says:

Can chowder be vegan? Or is it like a vegan “burger” deal?
Edit: Nah it should have dairy

Tim Volk says:

Not bad. I got some good ideas from this.

Greetje says:

Looks delicious and healthy. Most 9f your stuff mostly fat and unhealthy although tasty. Thanks I will definitely make it this weekend

The channel of two random people says:

Wtf is chowder, is it a soup

mosaicmatt says:

Any recommendations on which non-dairy milk to use? Almond milk might be too sweet?

Doodah Gurl says:

I’d make it with butter, milk, and top with crumbled bacon. Won’t be vegan, but will be damn delicious! LOL

Julia Elise says:

I love this, but if I were to make it, I would use spring onions instead of leeks, and would just not use peas all together lol but that’s just me! Looks soooooo good though!

eva garden says:

I like the printed directions as video plays.

limegreen1989 says:

Those potatoes looked surprisingly apple-y

tuấn lê says:

Yayyy to more vegan optionsss

Salman Ishaq says:

Slam amazing and tasty and delicious too

Bob Huang says:

So it’s already Spring in California?
I’m in Michigan…

Georgia Gmytrasiewicz says:

I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry
I’m so hungry

Cypekjam says:

non dairy milk? wtf is this

TheHostile Mexican says:

i think u mean unloaded potato soup. get it. cause its vegan. HA. got em

Claire Fernandez says:

I thought the potatoes were apples.

DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer says:

Y’all vegans better enjoy this…cuz they going back to normal food

Maua says:

I’m going to make it for my family, *but first I need to change the measurements to grams and kilograms*

Michael Donahue says:

I’m going to make this, and I’m going to sprinkle crumbled vegan bacon (coconut bacon) on top.

Nuzhat Mohsina says:

Like who thought that those red potatoes looked like apples

Kimy Lyfe says:

I want some food rn

Carl Rivera says:

Ummm.. Non-Dairy milk..?? Suggestions, please…???

Julia Schmoolia says:

i am soooooo making this this weekend

Thaddeus Beadle says:

Add some meat in there and you got me

Halima’s LabyrinTh says:


Ana Margarita says:

Rawvana is that youu?

erinn kemp says:

How do you rice cauliflower.

Luke ! says:

Why would you not just empty out all the peas from the saucepan instead of leaving a few in there? Queef

yulissa says:

Olive gardens chicken gnocchi is still the best

Matthew miller says:

Isn’t this just apple soup

Amazing 1 says:

I’m sorry but what exactly makes peas English?

Abi Tulabot says:

I can taste how bland this is, no other type of seasoning but salt?! that’s weird imo

Nick Rivera aka Nickzter says:

Nicki Minaj made that recipe up.

Jayyy Zeee says:

Looks good. Excessive oil though.

jnmks says:

i don’t like seafood so this is perfect

Emily Luceus says:

Alternative Vegan Flavor: I don’t know if there’s an actual vegan recipe for it, but try looking into corn chowder! I think all you’d have to do for adapting this one is replace the peas/asparagus with corn/celery. Makes it sweet!

unhappiness says:

Does it taste as good as it looks? Only one way to find out

*an xxx died of swarrowing a samsung snote in attempt to taste a food infomershon

Update: xxx had not diet
Its heart simply stooped
According to the bystanding neighbur

This has been neuws from bystanding neighburs*

Charlene Bernard says:

Please enough with the salt!! You know you can add salt to taste after the soup is made okay Tasty?

FrancesBaconandEggs says:

I am absolutely making this with some shredded turkey and bacon fat!

Mister Biggs says:

The olive oil at the end was a bit over the top.

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