One-Pot Vegetarian Meals

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Jim Corrigan says:

My Uncle did two pots once and now he can’t stop having flashbacks of Vietnam.

Shane Zoned says:

Are milk and cheese a vegetarian food?

me too says:


Where’s the beef!

fishywishydishywoo says:

I tried making the first one and it fell apart 🙁

Martina Skupin says:

What is liquid smoke?

santhosh kumar says:

The potato curry is a indian food I love potatoes and I am a lazy potatoe

Tinkal Umrigar says:

Is egg veg or non veg?

Saksham Ranga says:

Vegetarians don’t eat eggs either.


Gracias por compartir recetas VEGETARIANAS. Están fabulosas.

crackerjack9311 says:

Does this mean balut is also vegetarian?

Katiealyssa Thonas says:

I’m a vegetarian so this is good

Isaac March says:

Do you guys use GoPros? For a split second I thought I saw one in the reflexion of the water @1:20 , haha. LOVE THE VIDEO BTW.

Susmita Naik says:

Is egg is veg

Wendy Ting says:

Vegetarians don’t eat garlic and onion cause it’s not vegetarian although it’s a vegetable….but most of the videos they cook it with garlic and onion

vishu singh says:

Video:Adds curry powder
All indians out there: :Cringing:

joseph garrard says:

Anyone else despise cumin?

beckerfuffle says:

Is tasty in the pocket of Big Parsley?

mysticurry says:

Guysss question can you make like vegan one serving (or three for the whole day) thats suitable for college students :’))))

Kein Jake Anquillano says:

Nahhh.. Felix already taught me how to make Swedish Meatballs

Lil back says:

If people really think going vegan- vegetarian etc will change the wrong doing of killing animals will do anything, it won’t. There’s people out there who eat meat, and still will. I love food so this is why I’m watching a vegetarian video, so please no hate comments.

Nathalia Isabel Cuevas says:

All this recipes just confirmed that I’m never gonna be vegan/vegetarian

Sophia Newell says:

Thank you to whoever keeps making these vegetarian videos has been a HUGE help!

Michaëlla Kouadio says:

Sorry to ask but what is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?

Danae Dang says:

stupid people: wuuuut??? you’re tellin me that there’s CHEEEEEESE???? NOT VEGAN!!1!!11!!!

santhosh kumar says:

Mmmmm that look “tasty”

Rodlandis Robinson says:

It had a egg on it that’s not vegetarian

Carey Townsend says:

Vegan parmesan is a mortal sin and anyone who uses it is going to spend the rest of their life in constant torment for destroying the natural order of things. Burn in hell evildoers

zfilmmaker says:

Is egg considered vegetarian?

Aparna!! says:

Let me get one thing clear.. as chefs you must know eggs are not part of vegetarian diet.

Axl John Tadle says:

0:52 *CaN wE cOpYsTrIkE tAsTy*

Polar Mist says:

[Insert vegan memes]

Irene Altavilla says:

The music is really good 😀

Lee Lu says:

Rice tip: sauteé dry rice in pan for up to 5 minutes with desired oil. It adds loads of flavor and helps the rice cook faster.

lee taene says:

I hope these are still around in a few years when I’m a full blown adult lmao

Naeef Mak says:

okay but who th adds coconut milk in potato curry?

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