One-Pot Vegan Dinners

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Gayatri g says:

If only i could put my spoon thru the screen and dig in ..

Nilssön Åkerlund says:

The music alone makes me want to go vegan! It has a hip, Austin Powers vibe to it. Who’s the band and what’s the song?

Frances Cramer says:

Can anyone tell me what that appliance is that’s being used? And where to find it? I hate my regular cooker and would totally use something like this for quick cooking (and yes I know it’s been sped up too lol)

Praveen Praveen says:

Hey that 1st item is mixed with tamato and spinach its not good to eat

Joe Haddad says:

Trying the first one tonight. Thanks Tasty ❤

Praveen Praveen says:

Mixing of Tomato and spinach can form stones in kidneys

That Belgian Girl says:

I’m just here because this doesn’t contain cheese like almost every other tasty video

Short Zumba Workouts With Camille says:

I’ve made the lasagna soup and the mushroom stroganoff. Both were great.

Kristin Weis says:

Just a heads up! A lot of wine isn’t vegan.

Shana Banks says:

I love when you guys put these together

elli says:

Holy crap those look so good!!!! I’m trying all of them

Eya Molito says:

What is a vegie broth?

Thyroidless Lex says:

All of these legit look delicious!!!

Angela P says:

What is the court size of that pot? That could really change things when cooking…

QueenChas says:

Number 2 and 3 look fabulous!

Eonyeol Choi says:

Your recipes all look yummy!

shibra noorani says:

Please use material which is available in gujarat and slow your speed

alaa // says:

can i use water instead of veggie stock in the mushroom stroganoff?

Маргарита Ткач says:

супер.спасибо.все понятно и быстро.музыка подымает настроение

mygameis2cool4u says:

I love your videos, clear, to the point with no unnecessary info, and great music…great vegetarian meals 😀

Divya Rashmi says:

Tried the first one so yum, simple and healthy, thanks for sharing 🙂

laila nazari says:

Wow thats amazing! Can you please comment/link below the name of that mini stove/cook top that you’re creating these delisious recipes. Thank you

Evolve Vegan says:

Omg! cruelty free is sexy

banen T.V says:

هذا رائع طعام طيب ولذيذ انه جدا جدا صحي.

Passionate Paintress says:

keep up the good work….#noSoy no Yeast #Yayus!!!!

TheIronPicaxe 07 says:

It is not called a curry soup it is called a Laska
Not Alaska just Laska

The Ralphies says:

Perfection, some of them! ✅✅✅

Tracy Z says:

The music was do distracting.

Ush Sam says:

What portable stove is used in the video?

Godric Gryfindor says:

Going vegan is utter bullshit.

Tremendos HD says:

i think vegan is still too complicated for me lol

Would be cool if the european measurements would be on screen too

Mrsshiruli says:

Does anyone know what’s the difference between vegetable broth and vegetable stock??

Nia Garcia says:

Possibly one of the best vegan videos ever! Will share 🙂 Thank you 🙂

collarmole says:


Speedruns 4 the win says:

What is vegie stock

Suzy Jang says:

What is the music?

NATURAL LIVING Angie Milne says:

I love this so glad I found this channel 🙂

Loli Kephalē says:


Bri Gibson says:


Vijay Badri says:

Very awesome vegan recipes!!!!!

Sara B says:

Thank goodness for your awesome videos! My whole family is hooked!

Joanne Watson says:

Which Lasagne Sheets do you use please ? Save me searching ingredients to ensure they are vegan. Thank you.

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