Natalie Portman’s Favorite Home Cooked Dinner

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman makes us one of her vegan staples.

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Time to get down , says:

She’s vegan. It’s respectable

Alan Sajju says:

Anakkin reacting to this: Its still too rough for me Padme.

bloui1033 says:

(((Hot Juden)))

blabla bla says:

Is there someone who isn’t vegan for gods sake -_-

Mitch Barredo says:

Trying to be Giada?

Boe Dillard says:

That thing needs some sausage or lots and lots of bacon to make it look edible.

Nerdklatsche says:

How is the kettle in the background in focus but not that beautiful lady?!!

Funkyboodah says:

i love her

Chris Vinblex says:

Where’s Thor?

bloopblipable says:

I have low blood pressure too, and my doctor said the same thing to me about salt.

E MaC says:

Yuck no meat…

5roseangle says:

oh dear.. she is v talented and a great actress but cook she is not. The stew is barely cooked!- tomatoes didn’t even disintegrate yet! lol but lovely video never the less.

Lana C says:

The mooooost boring recipe I have ever seen…

Jeremy Aber says:

little does she know, all those vegetables used blood meal which came from animals.

Orion6699 says:

Portman is turning into one of those has beens… she hasnt been in a good movie since… what? Black Swan?

mizz maria says:

This would be delicious with some brisket.

Raf. J says:


Luke Amparo says:

So weird question. Can you eat fish if you’re a vegetarian or am I just thinking about Lent?

KoRn circal says:

i wouldnt be VEGAN over factory farms but i agree its BS so many family farming AMERICANS get bought as the great land its self downs the TOILET GOD BLESS AMERICA NO PLACE ELSE

Chris Anderson says:

I grew up at the same age as her watching her in movies. Had biggest crush on her but of course she married the super hot dude while filming Black Swan so her appeal kind of fell off for me.

SlightysBack says:

best argument in the video for becoming vegan: how incredibly good natalie looks at almost 40 years old…

Leslie Perez says:

I don’t think I will ever turn vegan, but certainly I have always wanted to consume less meat than the quantity my family is used to (my father cooks meat EVERYDAY).
So now I eat more legumes, and after 3 months of reducing meat, sometimes I FORGET eating red meat and end up not eating it for over 10 days.
When I eat meat, it’s mostly fish or chicken, and I try to support reliable, organic farms, not factory farms!

eukatech says:

That sweet husky voice… WOOF

Cminglap Art says:

I know she already had a role in Thor movie, but Natalie seems more suitable to be Captain Marvel!

Bruce Wayne says:

Her husband is a very lucky man to hear that soothing moan every night.

Allen Han says:

Lucky bastard from Black Swan, danced his heart into Nat’s life.

I wish I danced that well.

H T says:

Vegetarian and Vegan food is delicious when cooked properly but tbh this just looks unappetising.

Herman Pops says:

That’ll go well with bacon

X Y says:

By comparison to environmental destruction, I’m more care about how to destruct/eradicate evil communist~

Vrfvfd Cdvgtre says:

Veganism is perverse.

Eddie Q says:

No seasoning??

George Kettler says:

“Factory farming is the most destructive thing humans do to the environment”
Ummmmmmmmmm, no?

Rakibul Islam says:

My ASMR is exploding right now…
…might be saying that wrong, but you know what I mean…

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