Meal Prepping Vegetarian – Epic Recipe For Vegetarians

I’m making meal prep for vegetarians with my cauliflower steak. These recipes for vegetarians are next level you guys. Vegetarian meal prepping has got to be big on flavor, and these recipes for vegetarians are legit. My cauliflower steak is juicy is perfect meal prepping for vegetarians. Sometimes vegetarian recipes can be bland, but my recipe for vegetarians are huge on flavor and easy to cook. Today I am showing how to vegetarian meal prep because you guys asked for it. I think my meal prep for vegetarians is quick and easy to make. These meal prep ideas for vegetarians make me really happy because they have massive flavor.


380 calories per meal
14.8 grams of fat per meal
48.2 grams of carbs per meal
12 grams of protein per meal
12.6 grams of fiber per meal


glass meal prep containers:

microplane zester:

lemon juicer:

cast iron pan:

olive oil dispenser:

kitchenaid blender:

my chef’s knife:

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Tiramisu says:

Thank you for getting back to me! You have so many good recipes your a natural.

Charis Knight says:

what would you suggest instead of corn and is the dip still great without the yogurt?

and I love that you give freezing and reheating tips!!!

FlavCity with Bobby Parrish says:

Hey guys, here are the macros:
380 calories per meal
14.8 grams of fat per meal
48.2 grams of carbs per meal
12 grams of protein per meal
12.6 grams of fiber per meal


glass meal prep containers:

microplane zester:

lemon juicer:

cast iron pan:

olive oil dispenser:

kitchenaid blender:

my chef’s knife:

ddemful says:

The sugar snap pea salad looks so delicious!!!!! I’ll definitely be picking up those ingredients next time I go grocery shopping. And my microplane zester just came in the mail too, so I’m super excited to give it a try.
Also looking forward to your snack prep video next week!!!!

Lori Tweedy says:

Did I mention that these meals rock!!! Love the dry rubs!!

Artliker1234 says:

Haha cauliflower steak sounds funny

Linda Meredith says:

I know you usually do meal preps but I would love to see a quick, flavorful, nutritious dinner meal for all if us who work late and still have to feed a hungry family. love you channel and smoked paprika us one of my favorites too.

Gary Good says:

Looks great – i’m going to try this week! Question – when heating up, would you remove the salad or warm everything up together?

Camryn Cook says:

omg my comment was featured in shook

Tiramisu says:

Love this for some reason I’m having trouble printing the recipe

tashigolean22 says:

I just KNOW that’s the best cauliflower

soma al hazmi says:

because vegetable oil makes it crispy but olive oil does not.Thanks

Venessa Talbert says:

Hey Bobby! I would love to see you do some soup, salad, and snack recipes and meal preps. I’m a soup and salad lover and crave soup at least three times a week. I eat salads everyday, but they can sometimes get redundant in ingredients and flavor. Please help me with more soup and salad recipes. I love crunch like you as well as toppings for both. Thanks in advance! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Gggg says:

Also, which spices do you use most often? I want to buy a few but want something I will use often not just a couple times if you know what I mean

Miaa Alo says:

Mr. can you give us meal prep ideas for allergic people to corn and bread and can’t eat beans.
I would really appreciate it.

Suraiya Mukith says:

Can you do a “cold lunch” meal prep? I can’t heat up my food at school

emmadawngarofalo says:

i’m not eating oatmeal. the google machine said groats were gluten-free.

Eju Hu says:

Am I the only one that thought of a pimple being popped when he squeezed the roasted garlic out?……. 😀

Charles Daniel says:

how do you store the roasted garlic dipping sauce?

Jazmine Hernandez says:

you should do a vegetarian/vegan college student meal prep! 🙂

Prakhar Avasthi says:

I tried Cauliflower steak today… not quite match your level but IT WAS AWESOME

aggirl95 says:

I love your recipes but I would love a salad recipe without nuts for those of us with allergies.

Miaa Alo says:

I like your meals prep idea

Diana B says:

Gawd all the colours in your meal preps make them look gorgeous. I’ve been loving last week’s gold rice and now I can’t wait to make this charred corn salad. And bring on the dry spice rub ideas!! What other veggies can we slather in this deliciousness?!

GreenVarnish says:

You’re hilarious. Very entertaining Bobby 🙂

Artliker1234 says:


Kim Du Han and Persephone Kim Du Han and Persephone says:

i am not a vegeterian, but i will definitely try making this!

Jacques Psycho says:

u use vegetable oil becaues it has lest fat then olive right?

Savage Virgin says:

that’s exactly how I say cinnaninnannnniamon

Gggg says:

You’re so entertaining. You need your own tv show!

Johanna Uribe says:


Lori Tweedy says:

Thanks Bobby!!! You so rock. Can you do a few choices for a weeks worth of meals. I tried the Quinoa muffins and they were off the hook. Looking for a few options for a weeks worth of meals…I kind of need a bit of variety as I get tired of the same thing every day. If you can do gluten free that would be even better.

Jindy Marie says:

You are so entertaining lolol
I’m sure you’ll have your own show on the Food Network soon!

emmadawngarofalo says:

am i the only one kind of loling at the concept of a cauliflower steak

Angela Martinez says:

I’ve been wanting to try cauliflower steak and those looked amazing! Add that sauce and BAM!!! I’ll let you know how it goes.

MrsMusicObsessed says:

woow that cauliflower steak looks amazing. i am going to try it definately

Safaa Mohamed says:

new subscriber, great recipes

Dee Raines says:

heat to high

Kadam says:

Totally going to make this one next week 🙂

bellazinaa21 says:

You give us always the best recipes, keep it up !!

Gabriela Herrera says:

10 thumbs up you are awesome

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