Koraishutir Kochuri Recipe–Green Peas-Hing Kachori–Motorshutir Kochuri–Bengali Vegetarian Recipe

Koraishutir kochuri is a deep-fried, puffy bread, stuffed with a filling of mildly spiced green peas (or koraishuti!) Making koraishutir kochuri is not difficult, as this recipe will tell you, if you follow each step one at a time. Also known as motorshutir kochuri, this Bengali vegetarian delight is one of the most beloved breakfast, jolkhabar (snack), or biyebari-menu (wedding feast) items. Follow our step-by-step koraishutir kochuri recipe to learn how to make light, puffy, non-greasy kochuris. Serve these hot with aloo dum or cholar dal.

This koraishutir kochuri recipe video takes you through the process of preparing, stuffing, rolling out, and frying the most delicious and flaky koraishutir kochuris you’ve had! As a bonus, we’ve also thrown in a special tip for beginners and an ingenious hack for how you can prepare and store these ahead of time for a party, courtesy of Foodie’s Hut!

Foodie’s Hut koraishutir kochuri recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehGnsllaqHs&t=396s

View the FULL RECIPE at https://bongeats.com/recipe/koraishutir-kochuri/
Chhola’r dal: https://youtu.be/MtcAg-5SeT8?list=PLGX3dcCcJDYxuhUf8Ow_EkAHSzMzjx6i2
Niramish alu’r dom: [coming soon!]

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Malabika Sengupta says:

Oh. Durdanto. Ei shitkale amader prati tomader ei suswadu pad tir janya hardik abhinandan. Apekhya thaklam ar ekti friday r janya.

Shoma Bhowmik says:

Looks YUM!!!

Ritshi Kanjilal says:

You guys keep teasing the alu’r dom, where is the recipe?

Shabnam Alam says:

Just chumu …

Debojyoti Dhar says:

Thank youuuuu!!! Finally… Much needed recipie

Ankita Thakur says:

Ur videos are so good…addicted ! Loved the recipe.

bichitra chakraborty says:

Rabibarer sakale koraisutur kachuri r choto alur dum. just awesome…… :)) very nice video…background music ta to superb.. thanks

raj mazumder says:

I love this channel gets me to my roots

farhat sabiha says:

now we know we’re getting ‘niramish alu’r dom’ recipe next Friday!

Pritam Basak says:

Jive jol ese gelo

Sonuja Azmi says:

Haaaa dheke khethe mon korche

Mita Raha says:


poulami maitra says:

this literally made me miss Ma! :'(

Srabani Chakraborty says:

অসাধারণ ।এখানে বেশি ঠান্ডা পড়ে নি ।কিন্তু তোমাদের রান্না দেখে শীতের আমেজ পাওয়া গেল ।

Gourav Bandyopadhyay says:

darun. akta kotha 6ilo, bol6ilm j channel ta ebar verified koriye nao

Sonuja Azmi says:

Tumi great

Mitali Madan says:

Will surely try thus

Paushali De Roy says:

This is pure love. Ufff! Mone hoche Kolkata chole jayi ekhuni.

Soumik Pathak says:

Please make a video on how to make a mishti pulao

Juhi Pal says:

Kochuri to tasty bt songe alurdom r recipe tao deben plz

Rima Biswas says:

Uff, banatei hobe khub siggir… Thank you for bringing back the memory of childhood!

Sohini Chatterjee says:


chaitali basak says:

Very well explained…. Tempting…

aninda chakraborty says:

Excellent! just a quick query… i noticed that you give accurate weights and dimensions of items on every episode.. like 25g, 10g, 5cm… are they accurate?? Or they are just approx values to give an idea??

Pretty Your Hair says:

THESE LOOK BETTER THAN 6 Ballygunge Place ones and I know how much I love them! OMG! *DROOLING*

Trisha Chakraborty says:


Paromita Bose says:

Stuffing ta te bhaja masala e dilen na…koraisutir kochuri stuffing ta aaro better hote parto…

Shatrughan Dugane says:

Hmmm ! Very tasty !

arghya dey says:

Tomader background music ta khub bhalo lage. Eta kar toiri?

P C says:

The care n precision warms my heart

Village Foods says:

Wow new to this channel .. love watching from my village

Mallika Sinha says:

Hi, instead of maida, can I use atta? Will it have the same flaky texture? Or you would suggest mix of maida and atta for that texture?

Arpita Kashyap says:

Just loved it


Ohhh lord… short your video lenth..
I need to hold on for 8 minutes for a kochuri recipe… dude.. plzzzz

kuttus shino Sengupta says:

Jhuri ta aro authentic picnic feels deye :3

mainak buno says:

পরশুই করেছিলাম। কড়াইশুঁটির কচুরি আর পুদিনা-ধনেপাতা দিয়ে নিরামিষ আলুরদম। আর ছিল গরম মাখাসন্দেশ। আহা। স্বর্গীয়।

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