How to make Tagine! Happy Pear Moroccan Inspired Vegetarian Recipe

Fancy a delicious homemade morrocan tagine? This vegetarian tagine recipe is easy to cook with low cost ingredients – Moroccan food is super tasty and this dish is a always big hit on the menu at The Happy Pear. Super tasty moroccan recipe is a quick and easy dinner. It’s a great low fat and low calorie option that takes just 40 minutes to make.

This recipe is highly nourishing and is bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Definitely worth a try!

Here’s the recipe:

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Dejan Šota says:

“Lovely saucy lovelines” Love that! 😀

Renn Raven says:

could you potentially use vegetables such as kumara or even cauliflower if you really hate eggplant?

Siham Ten says:

looks delicious, but it is not Moroccan tajine!!! not even close.

shanmukhaoo9 says:

Always great pleasure & big fan of your cooking. Very interesting recipe, full of rich tastiness and towards great health thru your videos. Thanks a lot for Sharing 🙂

Patricia R says:

I love you guys so much oh my god. New favourite vegan food channel, you’ve made my life so much better

Neha Thakur says:

This looks so good! so trying it! glad I stumbled upon ur channel! 🙂

Peace, Joy and Eggcake says:

Yumm, that looks good. I think that will be dinner tonight at my casa 😉 Keep up the great work, guys. Next time I´m in Ireland I´ll make sure to pay you a visit 🙂

Orlagh Murphy says:

Made this just now for dinner. So delicious, I’m already looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow 🙂

RockyRuben says:

I made this and its gorgeous!! I made it for my mum when she visited and she loved it too and is going to make it for the rest of my meat eating family…. success 😉

Jonathan Ⓥ says:

Fiber apart from keeping you regular, also feeds your stomach bacteria so they work more efficiently.

Erika Fleming says:

omg love tis…u guys have changed our family dinners thank you…we hardly eat meat these days x

Carl Shaw says:

Looks tasty, I’d personally add a sweet element like dark chocolate or algarve syrup.

lisaleathers says:

any thoughts on a stew that isint tomato based, i like them but hubby doesn’t but of course has to be cheap and healthy!!

Saad El Fallous says:

I am Morroccan and I agree this is The Jail meal, but NOT tagine, stop telling schit about our great cooking please

Mehak Batra says:

Do you use 28 ounce or 14 ounce cans of tomatoes?

Yael Grossbard says:

Carbs in veggies format … I neeeedddd!!! Looks so good

jamaica docarmas says:

Wow that is super healthy and pack full of flavor food…i want to eat it with bread and some avocado and add some kickin chilli…hehehe tnx lads..ill give it a go tommorow…i noted it on our fridge

Bence Illés says:

Is the tamari important? I don’t think I can buy it here. Maybe some bio shops, but I don’t think so. :S

RJ Villa says:

You guys are seriously pulling me to Team Vegan! I haven’t seen all your videos just yet. But I like challenges. I have a few for you. Maybe Vegan versions of MeatLoaf (VeggieLoaf) Vegan tacos and Vegan Lasagna! I really appreciated your creative thought on food, and new inspiration for getting more Veggies in my diet. Oh yeah Pizza. Thanks Guys

Ana Ribeiro says:

Can we use stir fry tamari paste instead of liquid tamari?If we dissolve the tamari paste in water can this also be the same thing or it´s better to use soy sauce ?

nicola woods says:

Im cooking for just me mum and sister how would you reduce this so it serves 3? I wouldn’t wanna waste any of it

Lamis Dhahi says:

Tamarin ?? Dates?? R u trying to kill Morrocans this will never be morrocan

Safae Harfi says:

That’s absolutely not a Moroccan tajine , it looks delicious though .

bongosmasher says:

Great student recipe right there, thanks guys!

Adi Walsh says:

hey guys i really like your recipes but you put almost in all of them tamari or soya sauce, sorry but i come from the middle east we have many vegetarian dishes and we dont use soya sauce, whats the connection of Tagine and soya sauce? the soya sauce just ruin the dish….sorry

stefanos2691 says:

Hey guys! How come you don’t use a Tagine pot? Wouldn’t it taste better?

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