How To Cook Tofu With Vegetables-Stir Fry-Vegetarian Recipes

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Cresenciana Cachapero says:

so yummy tufo & vegetables..

James Welks says:

This is great, I made it with tofu I cooked myself though.

iLuluko says:

which soy sauce did you useb there are different kinds at my grocery store

Isco Ortiz says:

Hi, thanks for the great recipe and video demonstration. I noticed you posted this as a Vegetarian recipe but you have included Oyster Sauce – are there any vegetarian substitutes for this? The huge majority of us don’t eat fish. Thanks!

youarebetterer says:

I made it (without oyster sauce because we are vegetarian, almost vegan) and it was an amazing success !!! thanks a lot for this lovely and easy recipe !

Evoldog says:

just cooked this dish, excellent!!!. thanks for the video

Lisa Coody says:

Looks easy and tasty! Thanks for the recipe and demonstration.

Kokopixie Hdz says:

mmmm definately trying it

Emily Kristina Charles says:

May I just say oyster sauce is not vegetarian

Inba Malar says:

y oyster source not

Raffy Dumpit says:

nice i loved the presentation good job

infinitywon says:

Thanks but it’s not vegetarian with the oyster sauce…I can maybe leave it out?

Aditi Debnath says:

i was looking for this recipe n i loved it. Thanks for the recipe. u r the best.

Osama Ibn Mohammed says:

All praise due to God, Lord of the worlds.

iDan-Olin C says:

Thank u for sharing

Esther B Cecchi says:


Lucky Blessed says:

I like this recipe. Did not know that there was precooked tofu. I will look for this in the Asian grocery store. 

Vaida V says:

This is one of the best looking vegeterian dishes I have ever seen.

Brahmsfourth says:

How much olive oil did you use? The recipe looks easy to make and delicious.

curb scout says:

good for me. didn’t know pre cooked tofu available, and now i do, thanks to you. thanks also for well presented list of ingredients and instruction.

Bo Circana says:

People need to chill.. a lot of folks don’t know there’s a different between vegetarian and pescatarian.

quan.truc says:

Great video! 🙂

Mary Jane Buno says:

can i use other oil available instead of sesame u mentioned?

ankit anand says:

why didn’t you add salt.??

Soundsphun says:

Does it affect the overall taste of that dish if i take out sugar completely, could it be replaced somehow more naturally?

Nathan Robbins says:

Did this really taste good? Looks like yoshinoya made it :/

Andie Dee says:

Looks lovely, the oyster sauce and sugar are a no no for me though…..

shivanii Janim says:

It’s so beautiful!! Great job!!

Nguyen Phoc says:

What is the name of the background music tracks?

azzar den says:

She doesn’t add salt. It is sweet

kisey won says:


Brent Edison says:

looks great !! must try!!

Wengsky Cutecute says:

this is great easy and yummy

diah pramesti says:

thank you for the recipe. i tried it and i think its delicious 🙂

Faraon Beats | J. Sanchez says:


Yvonne Stoppels says:


Griselda Ramos says:

What’s the website so I can see the list ingredient measurements

mastermind says:

I’m sorry but if the title of your video says : how to cook tofu….perhaps you should show us how to go on about cooking tofu. Otherwise we can all buy cooked tofu.

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