How To Cook Eggplant Tofu-Vegetarian Recipes Chinese Food Restaurant Style

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SleepyJ L says:

I love it

SleepyJ L says:

Thank you My !! I love your vegetarian dish. I have been a vegetarian since I was 20 years old . Now I am 30, it’s bee a long time. I would love you making some more vegetarian dish。

WildPinkSalmon says:


My Basil Leaf-Vietnamese-Asian And American Comfort Food Recipes says:

Thank you so much for watching and commenting.

Gine Burdeos Embon says:

Thank You for this vegetarian demo, 🙂

SleepyJ L says:

Can you make more vegetarian dish

Silver Fern says:

she cooks so slllloooooowly….she could have prepared and sliced the veggies before the show.she doesnt need to show how to cut the eggplant and bellpepper….gggrrrr

Nrogan20 says:

This looks so good! Making it for dinner tonight. . Thanks for tips and recipe!

Lee Berry says:

Great website. Videos are easy to follow. 😉

My Basil Leaf-Vietnamese-Asian And American Comfort Food Recipes says:

Thank you so much Jenny for watching. I will be producing more Vegetarian Videos and Recipes. Fun to make and delicious to eat.

Michael Persian says:

Thank you for your great teaching and all good recipes. Macy

Only4Russian says:

The very short cooking time- it seems like the eggplant and onion pieces would not be cooked enough, even though the eggplant pieces were briefly fried earlier.

Jaime Ray says:

Applause!  Thanks. 

Saili Gaur says:


SleepyJ L says:

I use the vegetarian oyster sauce. They sell in the asian market

masterartes says:

hi can you tell me where to find the recipe for eggplant tofu i can not find it in your blog please can you help me.
thank you

GodWin YahRule says:

veggies pretty much could have stayed in the bowl an drizzle the sauce over.

许素 says:


Daisy Medina says:

The video is too slow-moving. Sorry but I don’t have much time watching the slicing in slow motion.

Amiella Jahzara says:

Was the uptempo song really necessary?

Fast Vegetarian Recipes says:

This looks so good!
Thank you for this video

Paul Lambert says:

Of course oyster sauce isn’t vegetarian as is made from the juices (essence or extract) of oysters.  There are vegetarian (most are vegan) “oyster” sauces that use mushroom essence instead of oyster.

I would love to know how to add the garlic so early without scorching it.  When I do it always ends up burnt and bitter tasting. 🙁  I would end up adding mine when I added the seared eggplant.  

Siran Arganyan says:

Where did you buy the crushed peppercorn? If you live in la that would help out! Either ralph or trader jones or something?

Abay Singh says:

Very delicious! Yam Yam

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