Hearty Minestrone soup | Vegetarian recipe by crazy4veggie.com

Count me in in the soup lover club. Especially when I heard something like “Minestrone soup” ;), I am always starving for this amazingly yummy Italian soup. Packed with vegetables, beans and pasta, this soup is one pot meal. Serve with toasted bread or garlic cheese bread and a green salad is the perfect way to enjoy this Italian classic soup. This is soup has fix days in my calendar. Once in 2-3 week, this soup must be cooking in my kitchen. Doesn’t matter what season is going on, I can’t hold myself to make this soup. The really good thing about this soup is its dam healthy packed with lots of veggies, fibers, carb. What else do you need???? Have full bowl of minestrone soup and your tummy will not ask anything more. What I really like about this soup is you can make it with your own way. Add any vegetables, pasta, beans and enjoy it with your way. This is dam versatile recipe which you enjoy it anytime.
All the detail ingredients and printable recipes are there on my site
Recipe link of garlic cheese bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jolnFg9Ycf8
Recipe link three cheese of garlic bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBG5E3YxVgA
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Katriana Gering says:

I tried to print the recipe, but it said that there was an error with the file. With so many people relying on that I just thought I should mention it. Thank you, I am super excited to try this!

Pahul Mahajan says:

You are sweet. Nice recipe. Trying it out today. Will let u know how it went.

Srinu Ethakotu says:

Thanks for sharing the recipe, but you did not share the full recipe your secret ingredient so I don’t think I’m interested in the recipe.

DejaPro Naturalista says:

Yum!!…Looks good,one of my favorite soups.I will try this receipe ,Thanks for sharing.

richard richard says:

Hi, I love soups like this and they have so much flavor. I am glad that I found your recipe, ty and yummy eating.

khotagota says:

i made this soup today and it turned out so yummy and awesome! thanks so much for sharing !

Uncle Bernie says:

you are too Indian: speak too fast, barely understand you.

watts300 says:

Holy smoke. That looks good. I don’t understand what was in the small white bowl at the end that thickened it. Any one?

zofoblues says:

great vid very easy to understand and ty for posting !!

kitkatcoco67 says:

so cute

CLARA3952 koss says:

good ideas and I like the one of using small pasta

Bhavika Jain says:

Hi Nehal ,Awesome receipe … can you tellMe if It cane be made with fresh tomatoes instead of the crushed canned tomatoes ? If yes then should I blanch and purée the tomatoes and how many should I use ? Thanks for your help in adnavce

Balswaroop Bhatt says:

blending a little same stuff and add it back to the pot is a fool proof trick to thicken the gravey I use all the time..to chhole , any beans or soup..

NirmaladeviG Ganapathy says:

Thanks, looks great..

MrspetloverUS says:

wonderful recipe.

Shovelware says:

What’s in that “magic part”???

Jateen Shah says:

Its looking delicious…but i guess you are too fast…you need to slow down a little…take a deep breath and then start speaking…
Can you please mention again about your magic part….because it was not clear enough to understand…
thank you

mehrajunisa nisa says:

I am fan of Italian dish. I tried this soup today. it’s awesome. it’s the same taste of olive garden soup.

Rondoe33 says:

Thank you for this! Easy tutorial to follow, will try this soon.

Jill Turner says:

Thank you so much I can’t wait to try this! For anyone who missed the secret magic part, you take a ladle full of the soup and blend it in a mixer, then it acts as a thickening agent! Genius btw lol. You’re so happy and friendly I can’t help but smile watching!

John Texas says:

I’m sorry, but I’m having a very hard time understanding you. You might consider, since English isn’t your first language, just to slow down some with your speaking. The soup looks delicious!

fazir22 says:

4:47 please explain that secret again thank you

Krisztina Al-Aslawi says:

You were right. This is sooo delicious. 🙂 I have just cooked it. I would have missed out if I hadn’t done it. Thank you

Alyna says:

this looks so great! I can’t wait to make some 🙂

Jenna Adhikari says:

What is the secret ingredient ?

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