Grilled Veggie Panini Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 392

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Nicla Scalese says:

la mozzarella non si e sciolta

Inder Kumar says:

You are so beautiful. I LOVE YOU.

vladimir vlad says:

Im hungry

D L says:

Should’ve grilled veggies on panini grill, it’s faster!! Lol!!!

Sati Shiva says:

I love your recipes do you have any recipe on Hallomi

Josh Parekh says:

Delicious like you..

LukynLoukya says:

Always Good

devraj shastri says:

*Wonderful!>>>**** Still trying out things to get the right temperature and time but everything has been delicious and so healthy! Love the fast cooking time when the food is “pressed” between the top and the bottom. So much quicker than firing up the outdoor grill.*

Michelle Park says:

hey Laura, could you tell me what kind of Panini press you have? and can you recommenf one? 🙂

Momo Sun says:

This has been my go to when I have a friend coming over for brunch or just fancy a lovely brunch myself. Absolutely love it! Thank you so much Laura! Xx

LoVe Cheong says:

May I know what brand and model of your panini press?

Cato Francis says:

That’s my best chief ever

Kitchen Lady says:

Way to much in that panini

Ivette Torres says:

Made this and it was delicious. My family loved it. Thank you so much for the recipe.

Wenz A. says:

No nail polish pls! When you’re working in the kitchen!

Ray Radiance says:

Great recipe Laura! Personally, I would grill the veggies at once on that large panini maker to save time and clean up instead of the separate stovetop grill pan ❤️

Marlo says:

i was distracted by her nice eyes the whole time


Is that the same grill pan your father gave you? That pan looked beautifully seasoned. This one looks sterile.

Renato Carlo Tovera Jr says:

Nice panini recipe

Roberto De La Vega Pechenino says:

Laura. YOU should be using Portabella Mushrooms ! White Cap Mushrooms are high in Purins, IE;Uric Acid ! a Gout Activator!, Portobellos / Shiitake/ and Black fungas Mushrooms don’t do that !

TheHonestknight says:

She’s not kidding about the food in San Francisco/Bay Area! The best foods I’ve ever eaten idk how they do it

Finessaaar t says:

she looks like shes wearing an ancient italian clothing. reminds me of bloodclot assassins creed

Kashi Mona says:

That panini crunch

BeastlyBen007 says:

Love that sexy ass Italian NYC accent

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