Grilled Caribbean Vegetarian Kebabs.

Recipe for making wonderful vegetarian kebabs on the grill, with a tasty Caribbean influenced marinade. With fresh herbs, garlic, lemon juice and the vibrant scotch bonnet peppers, you’ll love the rich flavors of these vegetarian kebabs at your next back yard bbq or picnic.


Janelle Duke says:

this is so great! 

Suhasini Rawal says:

thanks for the wonderful recipe

Tony H says:

What camera are you using, bean pot?  Quality is awesome 🙂

tmonk88 says:

Wow this is hands down the best grilled veggie kebob marinade we’ve ever had. Thank you Chris for such a delicious grilling idea. My girlfriend is vegan so we love grilling options that don’t involve meat. This marinade is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy that we crave, especially with the sweet corn. We decided to up the sweetness so we cored a pineapple and added the chunks to the skewer and drizzled the juice over the kebobs along with the marinade. That plus some cherry tomatoes made these kebobs explosive!!!! Seriously blown away.
– Zack and Ana

Toni Williams says:

did you cook the corn first?

Cat Anderson says:

Scotch bonnets never really bother my hands either :). I was chopping some very very fierce ghost peppers and a seed got under my nail and that hurt but… 😀

Stephanie Davis says:

This looks delicious, gorgeous!! SOO colorful 😀

Sarmil Lama says:

Wow, This made me so hungry 🙂 great.

Karenmae Lopez says:

We had this on thanksgiving and it was delicious!! The only thing we did differently was use jalapeños instead.

Jesus was a Carpenter says:

why arn’t you wearing gloves huh? what if we are all tougher that you?

Andrew Kim says:

hi there the veggie bbq looks really good
just one question one of the herb you used
is it culantro?

František Zet says:

I’ll have to try this, it looks simple and delicious

CallMeMrsSmith 007 says:

Love this!

Justin says:

What type of Olive Oil?   Virign or regular?  I never know when to use either.

Mimi Mimi says:

I’m a big fan of your cooking.i just tried them and they’re so tasty and amazing .and I’ve just posted on instagram and tagged you. bless you and happy holidays

cookingwiththesmiths says:

Great dish.

Janice Blake says:

Blazing Blakes

Rafael Revilla says:

Excellent explanation: simple and clear! Congratulations!

Mini Mohaz says:

Hy chef I like your knife where from you got it

Suhasini Rawal says:

very nice

Mark Parker says:

thanks for helping me out im trying to learn to bbq vgtabls. as i have a few new freinds  dont eat meat but i love bbq parties

Sydney Silver Show says:

interesting vid, thumbs up

Starr Olivia says:

Thinking of using this marinade recipe Thursday for dinner but i’m trying to stay healthy…Could anyone tell me if this is a good option or? It sounds delicious!

N F says:

I made this for my boyfriends fundraiser – he needed the money for equipment- and it was a hit! I think I was eating more than the customers. For those who consider meat their vegetable, this recipe will change your mind. This is my go to vegetable marinade.

Matt Mercado says:

I tried it and it was fantastic! Will make some more for the 4th. My wife is a vegetarian so two thumbs up from her!

mary thomas says:

Luks good but vl d corn get cooked.

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