Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

Vegetarian food is on the up, and here’s a brilliant recipe to get the absolute maximum flavour out of your vegetables. Herb, courgette and halloumi cakes with a watercress and roast tomato salad. Delicious.

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Jacob Contador says:

If meat eaters acted like vegans part 2, “You see that tree right there? Yeah, it’s a beautiful tree that deserves to live! Not a plant that you should be eating! EAT THE ANIMALS! THEY’RE HOGGING DOWN OUR PRECIOUS PLANTS!” No offense vegans.

Aminta Dunn says:

“Now if that does not turn you on… to become a vegetarian”

Jon R says:

I’m super duper mad Jordan Ramse didn’t kill those tomatoes humanely

Angelica Terinte says:

I love it!!! You a great cook!!! Lucky your wife…I have to cook daily, she does not have…

Suzannahartist says:

Gordon Ramsay’s moving in the right direction…..Master Junior Chef season 5 episode 4 VEGAN w/ Mayim!!!!!!! Considering there is so much obesity and it comes from eating to much fat, too much food, too many animals and harms the planet as well….thank you Gordon. He is a great teacher — his veggie insights great — just that he can now say words like “vegetarian” and “vegan” without cringing shows he is learning too.

The Anime Gamer Girl 101 says:

Vegetarians have a longer name, so they can eat more because the name is longer. Vegan is shorter, so they can eat less. That is how I keep things straight. You’re welcome.

Jessica Stohr says:

My mouth is watering!

Catherine elizabeth says:


Maulik Vyas says:

fyi vegetarians also don’t eat eggs. well most of the ones I know including me

siddharth b says:

Eggs are not vegetarian?

Émile Dumoulin says:

i think it was racist when he said : ”I don’t want the jews” 🙁

Celia McGhie says:

I’m a vegetarian and this is awesome 10/10 tastes amazing


I didn’t watch the video because the ad was too long.

The Anime Gamer Girl 101 says:

I LOVE YOU! Thank you sooooooooo much for this video. I needed this sooo much because I’m a vegetarian and I love your videos, but I cant eat any of them, until now!!! Thank you!

Jessica Stohr says:

Annoying music though!

yellowflash says:

is there anything I can use to sub for the cheese?

kittiliciousanime says:

this looks amazing! thanks for looking out for us vegetarians 😀

Big Black Cock says:

I thought the title said “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vagina Lunch”

AngelHudaTV says:

vegetarians are cool people but i cannot stand vegans fucking stuck up sons on bitches. i like veg

Heather Walker says:

no spices? Paprika or something would be nice as hallomi doesn’t really taste of anything

peinemann says:

Nice try and looks delicious, but egg and cheese is the same as meat. It will be nice to substitute the egg with chia or flax seeds and the cheese whit an almond version and finally try to use less oil.

Jack Miller says:


Илья Илья says:

looks like porno for vegetarian

Kia Bartlett-peters says:


go pal says:

if Crazy Russian Hacker and Gordon Ramsay did a collab,

“egg in”
“wowww did you see dat”

Hunter Ashwill says:

Why do people who are not vegetarians watch these videos?

Cook & Cotch says:


Vijaykumar Chandrasekaran says:

Love it!!!!

kok chooi says:

im eating a steak while watching this…

Raumance says:

Chicken goes nicely with this.

roseinnyc says:

GORDON! Pleas make me your cameraman!

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