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In this video, I’m showing you guys three stupidly lazy and easy vegan recipes that you guys can whip up in less than 15 minutes. To be honest, they each probably take only about 10 minutes… 10 minute vegan dinners?! Yes please. They are so easy to make yet they are still delicious!! These are perfect for those nights when you get home from work or school and you are feeling especially lazy and tired.

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Mojang_fox123 says:

So funny

Heyitsmaggie says:

Can I replace the coconut milk with almond milk? (The pumpkin pasta)

bananapuffs1 says:

Cat from victorious 😀

Peter Nation says:

After adding the pasta into the sauce, pour a bit of the starchy water you cooked the pasta in to help the sauce stick to the pasta better and make it more creamy. 🙂

Amy Lockard says:

I just had the pumpkin pasta last night for dinner. So yummy! It’s even better the next day as left overs.

Tommy Badham says:

it’s so annoying that the video keeps cutting!

Dacia Sloan says:

I made the last one tonight.. sooooo good

Love and Peace says:

You have any recipes that don’t require canned food or processed foods ?  – too much sodium, sugar, preservatives, BPA ,etc., etc.  Very fattening and very unhealthy.

Shellsterharris says:

It looks yummy! I want to try it with some toasted pine nuts on top.

Chasity Davis says:

Love the recipes but Lord so chatty

DarkKnightCookies says:

2:00 Is where the video really starts

Leah Woodhouse says:

I am just going through easy vegan food because in my food and nutrition class i need to make a vegan meal plan for a week which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks .


that shit look pretty nasty

git fukd says:

tmw u read the title and think “10 min is too much”

Ria A says:

really? u guys serious?

404now says:

YEA! A BOOK!I’m super excited. Can’t wait. I love your videos.

Simone Abelmann says:

so are the haircolor and makeup cruelty free?

Renee G says:

your channel is so so good! I’m in uni so all your cheap lazy/fast recipes are so good! 😛

The Vegan Muslim says:

I love udon noodles. So good!

Broadway Baby says:

Instead of the rice noodles can you use tofu noodles?

Kara Leigh says:

I’m making that pumpkin sauce today ❤️

Brendan Knox says:

i think im in love with her… ??

Snap-Shot-AHP says:

I just got allergy tested because I have been dealing with severe hives, gone into .Anaphylactic Shock a few times since Oct. So my test revels that I’m allergic to dairy, corn, tree nuts, beef, chicken, turkey, gluten. My doc. told me that eating these foods is probably why I have hives all the time. He also told me even thought they had not tested for pork to go ahead and stay away from all meat products. So I tell my self now what do I eat. It seems that theses recipes will be easily modify to use all rice noodles. Luckily I’m not allergic to peanuts. I’ll give these recipes a try and see If I can make it work. They look yummy!

tastyGAY 2sday says:

wow !I just found you and know very well of an up and coming youtuber stealing your style. OMG! literally I had to ask… is this serious? She sounds just like you. Says the same things you do. Makes the same hand gestures. #shame

heyitsmrsflorida says:

wow! very nice channel 🙂 new subscriber here!

Erga Omnes says:

you are super funny !

Vulpes says:

I needed you in my life

Olivia Love Worthy says:

You’re so creative, and adorable!

Hel Lo says:

We are eating the pumpkin pasta. i have been sceptical until the end, but it is really tasty! very mild – good for my baby and toddler. thank you 🙂

Concious Ra says:

I just subscribed to your channel and thank you for sharing your quick vegan meals.. Im so looking forward to making your dishes…bwah-lah

vistagraphsnet says:

OIL IS A KILLER. All oils. Use of it is not vegan

Jessica Garcia says:

Omg these recipes look super sloppy lol

ThatJesusMusic says:

They all look delicious!

iamdmc says:

this is literally the worst set of recipes I’ve ever seen
it’s just noodles and hot sauce
vegan doesn’t seen to be this disgusting and lazy
this is just bachelor food – I know because I used to cook like this when I was still a piece of shit bachelor just out of uni

Bella Ray says:

Honestly the BEST vegan recipe channel ive watched EVER

Oliwia Urbanowicz says:

omg. ..its perfect for me ;_; I love u <3

The Organic Gypsy says:

Oh yum!! Love the peanut sauce. Have to try. X

GarageDoorRapists says:

This steak I’m eating is delicious


Siracha sick haha <3

Domenic Bellino says:

Um. Salt & Pepper?

sravanthi thaduvai says:


Bethany Thompson says:

The stir fry should be called sriracha sunset stir fry!!☀️

zelda viklund says:

The video was good, but try to make the intro shorter!❤️

Simplified Cookery says:

Gosh..Amazing recipes!

Clover 1128 says:

love her videos most of the time but every now and then when she is doing that “okay, okay, okay” thing and trying to act like Jenna Marbles or something I can’t stand it!!

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