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Easy, flavorful, satisfying Cauliflower Rice Stir-Fry and Low Carb Fried Cauliflower Patties ready in just 30 minutes!

Explore 2 healthy recipes containing cauliflower prepared by Chef Bao. All recipes are vegetarian.

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Cauliflower Rice Stir-Fry

# Ingredients

Cauliflower 500g
Carrot ½ cup
Minced Ginger 1 tsp
Chili 1 tbsp
Snow peas ½ cup
Yellow bell pepper ½ cup
Red bell pepper ½ cup
Green soybeans 1/3 cup
Cashew 1/3 cup
Peanut butter 2 tbsp
Water 1/3 cup
Soy sauce ¼ cup
Sesame oil 2 tbsp
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

# Directions

1. Clean the cauliflower. Grate it well and set aside.
2. Warm a large skillet with medium-high heat, add olive oil, grated cauliflower. Stir-fry well, transfer to a large bowl and set aside.
3. In the same skillet, heat up with medium-high heat, add olive oil, minced ginger, chopped chili, shred carrot, shred bell peppers, snow peas and green soybeans. Seasoning with salt and pepper. Stir-fry well, transfer to the same bowl with cooked cauliflower.
4. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk in peanut butter, water, soy sauce and sesame oil. Mix well. Pour the mixture into the fry veggies bowl. Mix it well.
5. Transfer to a plate, garnish with cashew and serve. 

Low Carb Fried Cauliflower Patties

# Ingredients

Cauliflower 500g
Chia seeds ½ cup
Cornstarch ¼ cup
Breadcrumbs ½ cup
Water 2/3 cup
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

*Cabbage and carrot slaw
Shred Cabbage 180g
Shred Carrot 80g
Sour cream ½ cup
Mayonnaise ½ cup
Lemon zest
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

# Directions

1. Clean the cauliflower. Cut into small pieces. Transfer to a blender. Crush it well. Pour the minced cauliflower in a large bowl.
2. In the same bowl, add breadcrumbs and cornstarch. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Set aside.
3. In a small bowl, add chia seeds, pour in some water. Mix well until chia seeds become tender. Transfer to the large bowl with cauliflower mixture. Mix well. Knead until it smooth and roll it to small buns.
4. Bread each small bun with breadcrumbs. Transfer to a heat up skillet, sauté until turn brown.
5. Meanwhile, add shred cabbage and shred carrot in a large bowl. Whisk in sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon zest and lemon juice. Seasoning with salt and pepper.
Transfer to the plate as side dish salad.
6. In the same plate, place on the cooked buns, garnish with scallion, chili and serve.
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ambas da says:

Thanks for veg recipe. Can u tell me how to clean cauliflower? Because very small worms are living inside.

Kriti Darshni says:

I have to try this cz I’m veg. Thanks for uploading.

X Z says:

Matt Leblanc is here.

Eva Moni says:

Why this chef is so upset in thumbnail?

The Diplomat says:

Not sure about this. Indian’s make one of the best vegetarian dishes.❤

Ramvilles316 says:

You know it looks tasty but it has cauliflower… ewww, lol. Is there a reason why rice isn’t used? Is it because its Keto friendly?

farzan farzan says:

The chef and dish both are soo cute..

maiwennbzh says:

I LOVE cauliflower! I can’t wait to try the first one!

David Castaño says:

Why vegetarian?

Kajor TV says:

Please Chef Cook for me

Bryan Tan says:

Remember to toast your cashews before adding them to this dish or any dish that uses cashews in this style. Toasted cashews vs raw cashews are heaven and earth

Jillesa Hudson says:

Almost vegan!!?! Yes!!!! Been looking.

max xavier says:

Recipe looks nice but definitely not a chinese recipe

Amitzy Raizy says:

Looks sooooo yummmy gonna try it nowwww

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Looks yummy

Sokheng Heang says:

This chef never smile

Yumeka 'Vadam says:

Very colorful and appetizing. Thank you☺

Reptil Terbang says:

More vegan recipe pleeaasseee

Azliana Lyana says:

Cauliflower with peanut butter seasoning, ok..that’s new. I’m not sure how it taste but I will try this recipe for tomorrow lunch, thanks for the ideas Chef Bao!

Yugo Asniningpura says:

Ooooo gado gado

Edit : pecel deng

Llwyd Antonius says:

No meat no Eat

Carmen Lopez says:

Both looks delicious. I must try.

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Wow …. that was so easy to make ..

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fonge nou says:

ឆ្ងាញ់ណាស់ បងគាំទ្រប្អូន…!!!!!!!

Swarm says:

is the water cold or room temperature? why do you add salt? great video!

AngelBeatz92 says:

The soothing music, mixed with hissing sound of cooking is just pure bliss ❤

Con'z Jr. says:

Good for morning breakfast

A. S.L says:

Many better vegan dishes in China, why this? Get the villagers to cook.

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You cook well

saintus888 says:

Didn’t even peel the carrot.

Wasted a whole piece of pepper.

Too much oil in pan

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