Damn Good Vegan Meals in UNDER 15 MINUTES | 3 Easy Vegan Recipes 🎉

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investinlife says:

Can you make a list of staples for the kitchen? I’m new to vegan eating and when I try to follow recipes online I’m always missing some of the ingredients. You are an awesome cook so, I hope that you can help :0)

Jennifer Whalen says:

Great Ideas and so perky love it. 2 thumbs up

_Galaxy Art_ says:

I’m vegetarian trying to turn vegan so this really helps 🙂

Charlotte Claussen says:

Omg those recipes look amazing!

Cup Of Tea says:

Cut the “good” out

Vivian Dukart says:

What a pleasant person, you are and I love those recipes… I’m adding them to my vegan menu..

Kris Thorne says:

OK, I just found out about you and you are just adorable! Love your videos

ricky bobby says:

Ingredient list in the description would be useful or subtitles/text in video would be very helpful…had a hard time identifying many ingredients and im not even hearing impaired..or at least i dont think i am lol

Mindymaria says:

Do your research on canned goods. They are full of carcinogens.

Barry McLovin says:

Possibly the most beautiful woman alive. Shes alive right?

Jackeline Perez says:

I am doing the 7 day vegan challenge and it take alot of comitment to be vegan

The How To Grow Show says:


Melanie Evaldi says:

awesome meals tks a bunch

Living my sweet life says:

very good

Jimbo Jimbo says:

I’m preparing to do a ‘7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby ( solves all yo’ problems)’

desi-joe Hull says:

want to stop eating meat but there is no way i can eat this lolol

Terrance Carney says:

dang….just tried the crab cakes recipe. i think i’m in love with the recipe, you and your welcoming personality. LOL

Komal Henna says:

Delicious food

Lynn Fenty says:

you add a lot of salt

LizardMane says:

You have gorgeous skin…. skin of a vegan

Leonardo Castagna says:

Why americans say: “mEngo” instead of “mAngo” ???

Ex Robot Meg says:

Oh I just LOVE this! Thanks for the good vibes! Would love to support each other! Keep up the good work!

Shad E says:

Is anyone here because of the “7 day vegan challenge baby solves all yo’ problems”?

Cozmii says:

the last recipe looks so delicious !

Tammie Hartman says:

I’m a new subscriber and love your recipes!!!!! Thank you!

ArtsyBritt says:

Where can you find vegan mayo? Walmart doesn’t have it 🙁 And thanks for showing me these 15 minute videos I really have no time to cook. I’m a college student, in the army, work another job…..I’m exhausted. and I want to really eat healthy because my body is sluggish.

Marcia Hepburn says:


Elizabeth Kay says:


MrsBarney Fife says:

Your skin is beautiful.

grace villanueva says:

I love these ideas 🙂

Nik Holloman says:


Franziska Rapp says:

You are so beautiful

Agnieszka Kruk says:

it has not come out good

sugga beauty says:

How do u make vegan mayo?

Lady Sara Selenite says:

Mmmmm….put some dill and Bubbies fermented dill pickles in that crab cake sauce!

Corliss Burton says:

Thank yoooouuu!!!!

Chiranjeevi Belagur says:

Video eno chennagide. Aadre adesht nulithale guru…

walker john says:

Are we to assume that we are to add the meat of our choice to these? You never mentioned the part where you add the meat. I am confused.

ricky bobby says:

5:23 why did u eat the taco like that? wtf lol

Corliss Burton says:

You are phenomenal!!!

Agnieszka Kruk says:

i’m very disappointed with the lentil wrap. looks so good in here but actually tastes so weak

Melanie Evaldi says:

awesome meals, cant wait to try. Thanks a bunch

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