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Dal Tadka Recipe, Dal Fry Recipe, Mung Dal Recipe and paneer recipes are very popular in India. Most of the Indian Vegetarian Dishes are very popular and delicious in taste. Indian Vegetarian Cooking is based on some simple cooking Methods. Indian Restaurants serves very wide range of Indian Vegetable, Dal, Paneer Curries and other dishes daily.
In the Indian Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Rajkot, Udaipur you can try the best and authentic Indian Food in the restuarants. Food & Travel Network.
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anisha Dhankhar says:

very nice

haritha raguraman says:

may I know what dal did you use for the recipe?

Stephan Münstercity says:

Do you put coriander seeds in your garam masala?

Jason Dominic says:


Jasmine prerana joylene.

Ashok Modhvadia says:

Thanks for nice recipe.

lina line says:

Thank you very much. 1+ sub :))

louisejacobs says:

do you have a list of the ingredients? i dont know 1 of the ingredients? its the one that kind of looks like white pepper. what is that?

Naomi Nair says:

Mind to list the dals you used and how to cook? Really appreciated

Taha Mustansir says:

hahaha your accent 😀


super taste….

Savleen Kaur says:

Very well explained. It looks delicious too. I shall try it. And Here I have subscribed to your channel 🙂

Ray Gani says:

Delicious, thank you.

Arvind Desai says:

Very well edited, however not so good receipe.

Dipa Patel says:


pranali Shinde says:


stormylook64 says:

You didnt mention the names of the five dals used. Can you please name them?

riya ahmed says:

what a English haha…lol

bhavesh kotecha says:

Nikunj make a video of Dal Dhokari !! gujarati chho

Yours Truly says:

His English. Lol!

tb717 says:

that apron..solid color please……please?

Soumali's Kitchen says:

Nice recipe, Hi I am Soumali your new subscriber it would be great if you subscribe back.

A1 Taxi Tour says:

What about tempering the dal? Anyways still looks good.

Taha Mustansir says:

hahaha your accent 😀

Lavanya Sinha says:

Hey guys, check out this fun post by Heinz!

Vaibhav Kaktikar says:

Tried this today. Turned to be simply awesome. Just like restaurant .. Thanks a lot. Tussi great ho bhai.

yi-wen chen says:

I wish I know what he said QQ

Akash Sharma says:

only basic not good .

sunil kotalwar says:

by referring ua video, ri8 now I have made it

Best Indian Cooking says:

Lovely.. Looks delicious..

X xx says:

Wonderful! but please slow down, friend – too fast talking, cannot understand everything!

Pravin Pawar says:

please don’t speak in English.. I can’t understand anything..

Cooking World says:

Just found your channel, nice dal fry recipe..going to try to make it.

Rose Rose says:

thanks a lot. please tell us which five dals those are and how much.

foodie says:

Plz share some street food recipes plz thank you keep up the good work all the best

my home academy says:

its tasty can u give me some

esha pisavadia says:

I know you are trying to cutting down the length of the video one tip do intro and add the ingredients in a slide easy for viewers to write down the ingredients.. and try and talk abit slow.. only suggestions because you talk too much and too fast I could not understand you and remember your viewers are all over the world not just india so slow down with the talking… otherwise good recipe shall try it

Shrikant Tillu says:

Very nice and explained in details

Bhargav Balakrishna says:

thank you.

shoaib baig says:

indian vegetarian dishes r best in the world

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