Chal Potol—Nobo borsho special—Potol with Fragrant Rice—Bengali vegetarian recipe

Chal potol (parwal) recipe: Chaal potol is my mother’s specialty that she makes on special occasions in the summer months—specially for Noboborsho or Poila Baishakh lunch, or when we are expecting guests for lunch. Potol (pointed gourd) and aloo is cooked with short-grained, perfumed rice like gobindobhog, and garnished with raisins and cashews for an extra flourish. This Bengali niramish (vegetarian) recipe of potol or parwal aloo’r tarkari is one of our favourite ways to eat potol.



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Moumita Dey says:

এক মুঠো নস্টালজিয়া !


Its a lovely dish explained in a very beautiful manner

Kunwar Alok says:

This is unique never cooked before.. must try dish

Antara Panigrahi says:

Darun receipe….notun amr kache….thank you so much

Rupashree chowdhury says:

Aahh… Darun..

Akash Banerjee says:

Khub sundor recipe ta….r Ekta request please ekdin murighonto er recipe ta sekhabe…..

Utpal Roy says:

Nice recipe… I like this recipe

Soumi p says:

Wow!! thanks

shreeparna ganguly says:

Darun… Amar favorite

tanya dev says:

আমার দিদিমা একটা typical জেলি বানাতেন। আমের, পেয়ারার। রুটি, পাউরুটিতে লাগিয়ে খেতাম। Can you get it back Bong Eats??? Pleeease.

amit kr sarkar says:

Emon ekta recipe ache bole jana chilo na,thank you bong eats❤

Ritika Pramanick says:

Amr mood aktu aga kharap chilo … Ai video gulo dekha ami kushi hoy galam

তনয়া দে says:

দারুণ লাগলো রেসিপি টা ।
অবশ্যই ট্রাই করবো ।

Sangeeta Tamang says:

My Bengali friend used to make with poppy seeds.. And it is awesome..

Shukla Das says:

Looking so tasty…..

Mojar Recipe says:

Just Awesome recipe


every summer brings my vegetable enemy/nightmare potol and it shamelessly graces most of the dishes cooked throughout the season. this year as i’m rather trying to adapt myself with it’s inescapable existence, this recipe looks like a good start for me. will try.

Antara Das says:

সত্যি কথা বলতে কি এমনিতে এত বাজে লাগে পটল খেতে কি বলবো!!কিন্তু এই রেসিপি টা লাজওয়াব। আমাদের বাড়িতে চাল পটল বলে আমাদের বন্ধু টন্ধু রা অনেকে বলে পটল গোবিন্দ। রান্না র মেথড টা সেম তোমাদের মতই এন্ড আই জাস্ট লাভ ইট। এই রেসিপি গুলোর জন্যই তোমাদের এত এপ্রিসিয়েট করি।

suparna maity says:

Mouth watering

Ankita Saha says:

I got the new idea of making potol m greatfull to you just love the dish

Urmimala Sinha says:

Darun… never heard of this recipe.. will definitely try it out

Sabitra Sankalp Panigrahi says:

Request :: Can you guys do a Hannibal Lecture theme just for one video. Pretty please?

lavisha chowdhury says:

পুরোনো স্মৃতি ফিরে এলো দেখে.. কিনা নেই Bong Eats এ… এটা আমরা খুব প্রিয় রান্না একটা..

Suman Singha says:

Bah.. ☺️☺️☺️ 1ta notun ranna sikhlam.. 1ber banatei Hobe..

Surabhi Bharati says:

I thought it’s a complete meal in itself and not a side dish. Actually I can have it like that

hindusthan Cooking says:

Ai first time nam sunlam

geeta singh says:

Hi gobindbhog rice does not seem available in Dehradun,Uttarakhand.would u suggest an alternative?this was so simple n cute,want to try it.

Surabhi Bharati says:

Being an Oriya I relate with a lot of Bengali food. After my 3 years stay in Kolkata have completely fallen in love with Bengali cuisine. Please teach Lau Chingri

Shubhojit Ghosh says:

Happy Holi bong eats

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