broccoli & carrot with fry up Vegetarian recipe

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Gabrielle Waugh says:

are you Jamaican?

Jane Julien says:

nice and beautiful

Amrisha James says:


This is it says:

is it good for bodybuilding?

Dark Princess says:


palangga taka says:


Nathaniel Merlan says:

nice and beautiful! nice fresh and beautiful! and so on.. haha

wd7080 says:

You cook beautiful stuff .. You are amazing .. Kep the good work up!

Medina Nesru says:

what Hal butfull again again kkkkkkk fo funny

Someone who loves the LORD GOD says:

Wow thank you for your unique recipes, I want to always eat dishes this healthy. Amen

Pople BackyardFarm says:

That broccoli looks so delicious !

Jeldeen Maina says:

absolutely delicious and healthy

humera ghazanfar says:

its really nice and looks beautiful also.could I add some chicken/prawns too??

Che Che says:

ill cook this because its nice and beautiful

I can cook says:

thank’s. i can cook. invited to visit my channel

Susuk Perawan says:

nice video,like

fahad Nicolle says:

nice and beautiful

infotehnoloog says:


Keke says:

I can’t get enough of you saying “beautiful “

Dark Princess says:


Hans Amendt says:

Broccoli, so healthy !! Great vid chef !

Mike Merritt says:

“Beautiful and nice and lovely” lol
Love this guys enthusiasm. I’m gonna have this for supper tonight with some nice and beautiful and lovely smoked mackerel.

Che Che says:

ill cook this because its nice and beautiful

Razan says:

beautiful recipe beautiful

84 Bohol Tagbilaran says:

yummy inside the tummy

Ann Fetherston says:

Beautiful, will try today 😉

Cheung Kam Yan says:

you are very beautiful too, but I have disliked it.

Mikke Raccoon says:

broccoli full of pesticides and grown in soil full of chemicals and
cheap Fertilizer grown from sewer sludge from the city ! which is full
of antibiotics , mercury and viruses .

eenayeah says:


palangga taka says:


sonal dawe says:

Beautiful receipe ☺

Sanda says:


Asdfgh Jklöä says:

This is actually vegan as well so it’s suitable for everyone really 🙂

Black Emperor says:

I could eat that everyday…

holboroman says:

Rasta recipe! Awesome. If you don’t have a wok, use a steel drum and play it as you stir!

Martha Sekgoto says:

Thanks for the beautiful recipes. I’m going to try it nd I will make some additional vegetables tanx

Ayanda Voyi says:

Say, “BEAUTIFUL” one more time!

Mohammad Rayhan says:

White oooonion

Bilkish Khanam says:

I always watch your program.

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