6 Vegetarian Chinese Take-Out-Style Dinners

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Latha Jacob says:

Definitely gonna try this!!

Memes brighter Than your future says:

My parents never measure it :p they just know how much to put in

Vandana Maurya says:

Eggs are not vegetarian

Banana King says:


Simantini Sinha says:

Plus VEGAN people cannot use honey and milk products

Madhurima Goswami says:

Egg is not veg by d way

Abhishek Shreeevastav says:

oh god
something veg comes..

elnuisance says:

It’s not vegetarian if it has eggs.

Thanmayee N says:


Lev Alexandriyev says:

only good think is gyooza

Eden Chang says:

um yes please

Raghav Agrawal says:

What can we substitute for egg in the rice and noodle dish?

sakshamsws yoga says:


madiha imr x says:

I’d like to speak to the person who agrees this music is good. Just a small, short talk.

Nehaa Kannan says:

“veggie fried rice”
*proceeds to add eggs*

Riley Tennyson says:


Farjana Islam says:

Tasty is BEST

Simantini Sinha says:

Egg is non vegetarian

priya shukla says:

How is the recipe vegetarian,if u might not found where see 1:56 and everything else is good.

Alf Know says:

All the ‘purist’ comments on this isn’t Chinese food and where was it invented… How about, where would we be if we didn’t try different things, move forward, new ideas, etc? This looks like pretty tasty food and not at all half bad for something that doesn’t have meat in it.

NigelGrab says:

sesame oil should NOT be fried in – it has a super low smoke point! Should fry in canola/peanut etc oil then add sesame oil later almost as a seasoning!

Annanya Mishra says:

Thank you for making this video I am literally subscribing to channel right now

Pranjal Singh says:

1:56 why did u add egg when it’s a vegetarian concept

Ch Hayyan Bajwa says:

I love Chinese food

Jordan Santoso says:

Makanan k3 namanya tempe anjing bukan tehpeh

The Info Matrix says:

You title says it’s vegetarian but you used eggs

Kaitlyn McLeod says:

if you say it is Chinese food at least use the Chinese term. gyoza is Japanese the Chinese term for it is jiaozi (boiled) or guotie (potsticker)

Kumar Ramaswamy says:

can u cook indian recipes

Nur Aini says:

1:55 3:45 some of us don’t eat eggs, sorry 🙁

choco assault says:

Egg is a non veg

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