5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Beginners

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cindy chan says:

love it. esp the lentils and rice.

TR Man says:

Won’t lie. Good video too! Hope you are still going 🙂

Audrey OReilly says:

Loved the aubergine/chickpea recipe from another video, going to try that dal tomorrow. Thanks for the vids.

Brian/Marifrances Schaffrath says:

Just found you on you tube, love your videos. I am whole food plant based. I have to ask though, I see you pouring boiling water over dry pasta and rice when you cook it. I’ve been taught to add cool water to rice and bring to a boil together. how does that effect the cooking time?

Valerei Renfro says:

Thank you! Now I know what I’ll have for dinner cause it’s the end of the month & I have limited money in the checking acct ….lol!

Taylor Durden says:

Absolutely loveeee your videos! Your recipes are great/easy, your music is good, your tips and tricks are so helpful. Just plain love everything and im going to try all recipes. Keep doing videos like this please !

jenny334jg says:

First, why water and not oil? Second, anybody have more info. On nutritional yeast? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I could definitely do my research but if anybody knows anything I’d like till hear it.

bob digity says:

Oh god you are heaven sent. Thank you.

courtney c says:

Ew I got an ad for dairy milk before this video

Love these recipes though!

Wexen Art says:

Omg gonna make lentils asap! There’s nothing more that I love eating but well made lentils. Just girl, why didn’t you let it boil in separate until it boils? It’s easier to digest

Jessica Armijo says:

I currently am vegetarian but try to incorporate more vegan meals daily, but it’s a little difficult still living with my parents. now watching your recipe videos a lot of the ingredients you’re using are ones they typically buy anyways! super helpful!

hot kebab says:

Everything looks really good but why are you not adding oil?

shygirlnow2011 says:

I need to lose weight and tone up. I also want to spend less for food and this channel proves I can do that. I hope to be back again to look into this. Thanks!

Amber Stoneman says:

6y666u67 he’s t6 to n in m be

Carol Langman says:

Yum…the editing is brilliant , we get the recepie without cooks waffling xxx from here in England

Priyanka Doshi says:

You could pressure cook the lentil and then add to the base.. would save a lot of time..

Raven Moon says:

earned a new subscriber! you’re awesome 🙂

Elena Migliorini says:

As an Italian I would just say that is better to put pasta on boiling water and not pasta first and then cold water and up to boil. Or put boiling water from a boiler on pasta, that is something I also do sometimes. But cooking pasta like some do with rice, starting from cold water I mean, is no good..

Ashley & Todd Explore says:

Can’t wait to try some of these!! ❤️

Viirtue says:

I can’t believe I got a commercial for hamburgers on this

Three Young Bees says:

My teenage son has recently joined the vegan bandwagon and I have been looking for meals like this to cook for him. I am glad to see some really simple yet healthy options.

pasta master says:

To make Dal correctly you have to soak the lentils beforehand for at least 20 minutes

mignonette7 says:

Hello everyone
I have a vegetarian in my house he likes the red lentils all what i do is

Wash 2 medium cups of red lentils
Put them to cook add a bit of salt
Then i chop a carrots 1-2 small peace’s then adds some chopped celery and i leave it to cook for about twenty minutes and i do put boiling water on it.

Then i will fry chopped onion in a small fry pan with a bit of oil when the onion’s is brown i add 1 of a teaspoon of hot carry and mild red paprika then i add that to cooked lentils.

Flyuza Tazieva says:

im not vegetarian, but these recepies are absolutely amazing for saving budget 🙂

Kay says:

Perfection. Well done!

sharshey says:

out of curiosity – why don’t you use oil?

CozyBookworm says:

These look amazing! I’m sitting here jotting down the ingredients on my phone so I have no excuse later not to make them <3

albino hedgehog says:

This video is just what i needed thank you. Im starting to go mostly plantbased and didnt know where to start. Simple cheap food i can actually make yay! ☺ X

Vee Jo says:

Really good, yummy and cheap staple recipes, I’m a new vegan so these recipes are just what I needed to see, thanks!

skinnny cat says:

i want that vegan shirt too!

The Fluffy Marshmallow says:

Ok, I was going to go vegetarian and then vegan because I thought it would be super difficult, but your recipes are easy and cheap. Two things that my broke, busy ass needs. I can get most of this stuff at the bulk food store in whatever quantity I need/want. Thank you. I’ve been wanting to get into the vegan lifestyle for years.

RJ TheTruth says:

4:57 What song was that? That was FIREEE~

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