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There is the common stereotype that life as a vegetarian can be boring! But we have 5 amazing non meat recipes that will prove that theory wrong! (switch out the Parmesan for the vegetarian non Rennet variety) All of these are a must try – even if you’re a meateater!

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Margherita Pizza | http://jamieol.com/PizzaJulietta
Gennaro’s Secret Allotment | http://jamieol.com/secretallotment
Cappellacci with Sage & Butter Sauce | http://jamieol.com/cappellacci

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Desi Benitez says:

thank you Oliver! l love you!

April K says:

How about more non-boring vegetarian features? Not six minutes crammed with a few uninspiring videos? The producers of these channels seem to think this type of thing is a favor to vegetarians. Very condescending.

Dunia zad Denna says:

Eggs!!!!! That’s not vegan, or I’m going mad!!!!
Or wait… it’s about using more veggies in our diet, not about recipes for fellow vegan ppl!!!!

Martina Nedic says:

the first one is a real fart bomb

grimTales1 says:

Maunika is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Luca Barthelmann says:

You’re the best Jamie! 🙂

Z.thru says:

LOL! Vegetarian doesnt necessarilly mean they eat pure vegetables duhh. Vegetarian means they dont eat meat. And mac and cheese doesnt have any meat in it. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!

María Dolores Garcia says:

por favor! poned subtítulos en español!!

ery yuliansyah says:

Last one i don’t think so

American5585 says:

how come no woman can cut properly

Turtle_Tower says:

If you’re going to edit 5 separate videos into 1 minute clips make a script that highlights the directions if the camera is only going to do half the job of showing the recipe. jfc

Let It Roll says:

Hello, lovely Jamie and family! Always love your cheery greeting.

John 17 says:

All the entitled idiots in the comments. I see a bunch of great meals, and one that is mostly cheese.

review on everything says:

Not a single vegetable in the mac ‘n’ cheese. Still a good recipe.

litoboy5 says:

Meat !!!

Karritessa says:

Where has Kerri-Ann been? Please bring her back!!

HAmerberty says:

Soy bean has much higher protein content than black bean.

King Gab says:

Of course Genaro’s part was the best of the video

Rafal Mrozowski says:

no cooking in LandRover this time? I’m dissapointed …

Candy Cheung says:

Nice! Thank you guys!

Melanie Perumal says:

A few of these recipes have eggs in them, how do you call this vegetarian

Glaaki13 says:

lol Jamie im not and educated cook but some of these thing was just not that vegetarian

Patrick Adams says:

I would love to see your take on my favourite veggie recipe ever….Shakshuka….i have this once a week and i just love it so much

Alexandre Glebov says:

Jamie i love your food, but the the way you share your recipes online SUX! I saw a magnific 15 minutes chinese soup with sticky squid balls, recorded the episode, bought all the ingredients, my TV Box installed a new update, and i simply cant find it ANYWHERE!!! GOOD JOB! And the website with the recipes of 15 minutes doesnt work.

yosoyalbertico says:

Looks quite good but is vegan…. Gennaro always save this tv program.

Jason Yu says:


asdfrozen says:

Depending on how strict of a vegetarian you are, you might want to avoid parmesan cheese (and some other types of cheeses). It’s made using rennet, which is harvested from calf stomachs and cannot be extracted without killing the calves.

Hail the Canadian says:

How does macaroni and cheese celebrate the vegetable

SeptemberSun84 says:

Thank you Jamie!

미켈란젤로지망생 says:


DoctorSabrina says:

So yummy looking dishes! I can’t wait to try these!!

Penny Sweets says:

These all look YUM!

gothicsabbath1987 says:

I just did the Indian curry, it turned out amazing!!! I served it with couscous.

Funked Up says:

That indian chick burnt her onions n garlic

LadyV says:

Black bean soup is the best!!

Jo Leipold says:

Dang, I was on board, but then ….the egg …thought I was gonna barf. Sorry, Jamie.

AkimboDravcian says:

she kinda reminds me of the hugh mungus girl(i think shes calles yoshi) not sure

still look delicious

Murray says:

love it !!!! thanks guys!

Grace B says:

Jamie, no, just no. don’t try to be Gennaro, your Jamie and that is good 😀 😛

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