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Best Ever Quinoa Salad: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/best-ever-quinoa-salad

Vegan Taco Bowls: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/vegan-taco-bowls

Minstrone: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/minestrone

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JJLuvzC says:

Just signed up! Thanks for the info, started a fast just last week and was running dry on ideas on what to make. This was in perfect timing.

A Real Kitchn says:

The Vegan Taco Bowl looks so darn great!! I’m also loving the Healthy Meal Plans site!!

The Bite with Jackie says:

I gotta try that quinoa salad! Also, I loveee freezing minestrone, or any soups for that matter! I freeze it without the pasta and add in little ditalini pasta as it’s reheating on the stove so they don’t get mushy

Melissa A says:

Has Sara had the baby yet as I’m assuming this is pre-recorded

Deanna Paine says:

Did you have your baby

kandisw33t says:

Omg she is pregnant

Velia Cardenas says:

I’m loving the new website! I just meal prepped the honey garlic chicken stir fry. I love that the amounts change automatically when I change the serving size. Takes out the guess work! Thanx so much!

KippahconlaKappah says:

For the minestrone for me that i’m italian i suggest you to put the pasta in the last 10 minutes before taking it out from the stove. Otherwise the pasta will be a cream pasta and not pasta anymore. I loved all the recipes and i love your channel 🙂

Tara Thornhil says:

Hey there glowing soon to be mama!!! They all look absolutely yummy! Thanks for all
Your hard work in the kitchen! Going to try these recipes …. ❤️

Shopitybop says:

Thanks this is just what I was looking for! I love your recipes! The site looks great too!

Sharon ! says:

Yum!!!! Pinch of Yum has a cauliflower walnut taco meat recipe almost exactly like this one. I make it in bulk a couple times a months. It’s delish!!

CristinaDoesStuff says:

Thank you for this video and for the website!!! I’m so excited to try these recipes and plan my meals!!!

France Vachon says:

Minestrone soup is my favorite !!! BTW Sarah Lynn, when are you going to have your baby ??? It looks like you going to be pregnant all year long !!! (no i’m joking) Anyway, thanks for sharing !!!

Angela Marcinkevich says:

Did you have the baby yet if so can we see him or her and what is the name .

Jeff Ward says:

Gawd I’ve loved your vids for years. Btw, I just got shipped chorizo from 1 of Jamie’s channels. Guess where it’s going…lol

Sheila Mac33 says:

Looks yummy can’t wait to make these delicious recipes soon

Mayuri Shrivastava says:

I’m your fan Sara.. When we all are getting the good news eagerly waiting.. Given you are so so pretty I am so excited to see your super pretty baby

Melissa Perez says:

how do you need the pasta in the soup from getting huge and soaking up all of the juice? I always try to save it for later and i never have any of the soup left and it drive me nuts!

Ferrufino Family Forever native and mexican says:

I can’t believe u having a baby I had twin boys a girl a year later shes 6months and I’m three months pregnant again ..so congrates and God be with u

Chalika Oliver says:


Fatima says:

Ginieus the second recepie…al you’re video’s are so fun to watch.

spyduhgirl says:

Baked almond fetta or coconut oil fetta would be awesome in that quinoa too. Yumm!!

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