3 Awesome Tofu Recipes (Easy & Vegan)

Easy oil-free glazed tofu:

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Jerk marinade ingredients:
6 green onions
1 jalapeno pepper (seeds/ribs removed to make less spicy)
1 red, yellow or white onion
a few cloves of garlic
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vinegar (white, apple cider or malt)
2 tablespoons coconut or brown sugar
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Simply blend everything until smooth. If not using a high-speed blender, chop everything roughly before blending.


Katiana Pierre says:

I got tofu & coconut oil i will be cooking this soon with rice on the side of it

Makedah .M says:

Sorry but the second one is not Jamaican

Divine Grace Rafanan says:

Can we talk about the audio for a second because it’s a 10/10! So freaking clear!

Holly Kurmis says:

The sweet chilli dish is killer. Just made it! Thank you. And this is my first time working with tofu. Love it

EXTRA says:

man im hungreeyyyyyyyy THANKS

Darryl Rosenmeyer says:

Very good video. Loved the way you present and you have a pleasant voice. Do you have a web site where your recipes are posted?

LeftEyeofRa says:

There’s a lot of seasonings, don’t all those added up contain alot of salt?

Natalia Ospina says:

Can I use something that isn’t corn starch?

Invictus says:

I tried the first recipe as suggested. The Tofu was fresh, but properbly not drained enough, because the starch got a little sticky. I also forgot to mix the starch with the salt and pepper, but it turned out that you can just add it in the pan.
It was quite good 🙂

Samurai Kitten says:

I can also Season down the Tofu with all amounts of Seasoning to right

Mikasa Zoldyck says:

Can I use flour instead of corn starch?

Thomas Keitel says:

What is All Spice? What is in there?

Michele Laws says:

I came across this recipe yesterday. I cooked the 1st one (added broccoli) and it was fantastic! Thank you!

kayla starlight says:

Just subscribe these recipes looks inspirational and delicious

NatreWitch says:

Can you still toss the tofu in cornstarch and go oil free?

nando2oo8 says:

Not even a vegan but I will definitely try all these… They look sooo freaking delicious 🙂

Ashley Nicole says:

Loved this! Thank you ❤

rachel law says:

hey Sarah I tried your 1st recipe!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love it!!!!! 🙂 😉 :)Keep up your good work!!!!

rafael puna jr says:

Your so pretty

Red2503 says:

I am here for Initial D comments

Rachelle Gemini says:

just subscribed 🙂 do you also have an Instagram account ?

Shintaro Kisaragi says:

No matter how I cook tofu it still has that weird soy bean flavour and many recipes explain if you press it, freeze it, season it etc it doesn’t have the tofu flavour. Anyone help? I really used to like tofu before, but after I got a stomach virus which caused me to throw up stomach bile and not eat for 2 weeks I cannot stand tofu…

Amy Davis says:

Just made your crispy sweet chili tofu. I’m new to cooking tofu and this was so tasty!! I’m not big on a lot of spice, so I added half sweet chili sauce and half sesame teriyaki sauce. Also added in some carrots. Thank you for this recipe!!

Ashleigh Armentrout says:

whoaaaaaaaa garlic in that last recipe damn lol

bm2015lol1 says:

Use Janeiro or scotch bonnet peppers with jerk

Lorna Linton-Weller says:

Sarah, thanks! I tried the sweet Chili substitute pineapple with butternut squash and add sweet onion with homemade teriyaki sauce. TY it was delicious!

Victoria Major says:

I was looking for more cost effect tasty lunches and girl you just saved me ! Thank you! I’m not vegan or vegetarian but, im willing to try these delicious looking foods

Katiana Pierre says:

I got soyce source but i dont like cloves so can i leave that out?

Yuri Boiblu says:

love it Sarah!

Shannen Canton says:

How long can I keep that jerk sauce in the fridge 😀

Samurai Kitten says:

I make Tofu Tikka Masala with Indian Spices & a special Tomato based Sauce

Two sicilian sisters says:

U have helped me eat healthier than u

Yani Orozco says:

Omg great ideas!!! I recently bought some tofu! Thanx:)

jaline joseph says:

the jerk tofu is pretty cool, but us Caribbeans don”t make rice and peas with green peas, but with kidney beans

Maribel Felix says:

I’m new to your channel and I have never try TOFU so now I’m going to go and buy it. My question is extra firm or firm is better ?????? Thank you

A. Garcia says:

The crispy tofu stir fry in sweet chili sauce totally turned me on to tofu. Made it for my wife and we loved it.

DetroitChrisP says:

I am so excited to try all three of these meals. But I’ll probably use riced cauliflower instead of white rice. Thanks for sharing these recipes!

Erika Yuliana LL says:


matt mallecoccio says:

is a vegetable oil or canola oil something you would recommend too? i like canola

Jayyy Zeee says:

I like these vegan ménage à trois recipes.

Weird Mike says:

I’m not vegan, but I love tofu. Subbed.

Elena Richardson says:

The recipes seem simple, which I love. I’m going to try a few tonight. Thank for the recipes. 🙂

Gwendolyn Gill says:

Thank you so much this is my absolute favourite video for tofu recipies!!!

Kimberly Alexis says:

Love your recipes Hun! Thank you xx

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