10 Easy Low-Carb Veggie Snacks

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alison norcross says:

What is panko. They look delicious but parmesan is so expensive

James Parker says:

Its all shit.
Your best way to success is eating healthy normal foods on keto. Chicken and a salad. Broccoli and Salmon. Steak and zucchini. Anything along those lines. I promise you will feel much better every day too.
The longer you do it… the better these healthy foods will taste too. Veggies and meat! Throw in some nuts for a snack. Most nuts are keto friendly. And raspberries. I use peanuts or raspberries as my “cheat” food.

Charmi Trivedi says:

Would you post video of vegeterian recipe s without egg?

Becky Loake says:

Parmesan isn’t vegetarian

Manjrachel says:

Isn’t panko completely carbs???

karin Jannatul says:

What is panko ???

Deb Thomas says:

how is panko low carb?

ambika shivakumar says:

So fast vedio , p slow vedio and p tell ingredients name in hindi and without egg how to make

Destynee Paradise says:

This is so delicious!!! I’m going to make this, thank you so much! I was looking for ideas to cook vegetarian and these veggie deliciousness video just helped save me, thank you!

Lee Flood says:

That’s a lot of oil in the carrot sticks it looks greasy

sri kataru says:

Why u r draining out the juice? What’s the use of eating when all vitamins minerals drained out?

Matt Jackson says:

it is all the same thing lol

Marly Lucker says:

is not vegan if it has eggs -_-

A Vlog A Day says:

Anything with bread or carrot in it is no longer low carb, I’m afraid. Take it from a diabetic.

Goldi Silver Comedy says:

Wonderful! Thank YOU. Great Ideas that I will modify for my diet!

Maria Gutierrez says:

Everything looks so yummy! Too bad I don’t eat egg! Why can’t I ever find something delicious without egg! Why!

shilpi jain says:

What can b used instead of eggs?

Christie Gurganus says:

Carrots and breadcrumbs are far from low carb

shilpi jain says:

Can nutritional value be good after baking so much?

Nemanja Petkovic says:

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priyanshi jain says:

Any substitute for egg??

Yuu says:

Welp. I don’t have an oven. So RIP

kash bash says:

I really liked this video – I don’t usually like cauliflower and this looks like a great receipe.

O. Tella says:

Awesome. And very kid friendly…more veggies please! Easily made vegan with vegan cheeses and flax meal gel (replaces eggs)

Vijay Badri says:

All these veggie snacks look healthy but they are all still the same tater tots, hash browns, fries…..

mamta's kitchen says:

very tasty.

Claudia Alvarez says:

Thanks for the video now I’m off to buy a chicken

Caz1242 says:

Anyone know a good egg substitute for these recipes?

Ginger Roslyn says:

How much kale?
A bunch of kale.
No, like an actual measurement.
Yeah, a bunch.

Anna Cancro says:

It’s not veggie!!!

Ladeij Creations says:

They all look sooooo delicious! I’m subbingg! God Bless!

som gupta says:

Veg snacks with eggs

Akansha Agarwal says:

Egg is not veg….

Dew T says:

Carrots and breadcrumbs are NOT low carb at all. Wtf.

Starbase 31 says:

How are these recipes low carb? the zucchini fries recipe alone has 108 grams of carbs for a single serving. even dividing the recipe to 8 servings still leaves it at 13.5 grams.

Moustafa Alkholy says:

Very Nice and very short video, do more please, thanks.

Kitty says:

When in doubt, turn it into a fry.

Species710 says:

Started watching the video and lost me at Panko. Misleading title. Use ground pork rinds instead of Panko and bread crumbs. I won’t be watching this misleading click bait channel again.

Morph Verse says:

Not sure about the eggs my friend..

Gringa-n- Mexico says:

Breadcrumbs and carrots LOL it would be like making a vegetarian dish….but with just a little BACON. MAYBE THEY WONT NOTICE. *eye roll*

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