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Learn how to make Veg Momos, a very simple and delectable recipe by chef Kanak. This is a special snacks recipe that can be served for your guests during tea time. Momos are a type of dumplings that are stuffed with vegetables inside and then they are steamed.

This dish is native to Tibet and over the years it has become very popular as a snack in Nepal and India.

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2 tsp ginger garlic – crushed
1/2 cup spring onions – chopped (whites & greens separate)
salt to taste
pepper to season
2 tsp vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp oil


– In bowl, add the all purpose flour, salt and oil and mix well.
– Add water (little at a time) to knead the dough.
– Keep kneading until you get a semi stiff dough, cover it with a damp cloth and keep it aside.
– Heat oil in a wok.
– Add the chopped ginger and garlic and saute for a few seconds.
– Add the spring onions white and stir for a minute.
– Add the vegetables – cabbage, carrots and the capsicum and stir fry for a few seconds.
– Add salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce and vinegar and fry for a minute. Add the spring onions green and saute for few seconds.
– Turn off the flame and let the veggies cool down.
– Take a small portion of the dough and using a rolling pin, roll out the dough into a small disc.
– While rolling, make sure that it is slightly thinner at the edges and thick at the centre.
– Place the stuffing at the centre and wet the edges with water.
– Fold the edges towards the centre similar to the method of making modak.
– Boil enough water in a large container and place a strainer over it and also brush it slightly with oil. Place the momos on it and close the lid.
– Let them steam for about 10 – 12 minutes.
– The delectable, mouth watering veg momos are ready to be served.

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Neh Noh says:

i love you and your recipe sooooooooo much .

Riya Rai says:

kanak fst of all I wanna say u r too pretty n ur recipy too.

Riya Rai says:

kanak fst of all I wanna say u r too pretty n ur recipy too.

Bhavya behal says:

plz tell that y u have added sugar otherwise it is amazing

srinivas k says:

hello I’m MEERA I tried dis now.. the taste was good but it was a bit hard which I could not eat… so pls tel me how to do a softer momos

Dharmendra Kumar says:

soya sauce is necessary i use tomato sauce or in which thing we will prepare momos in cooker we use cooker

CC says:

2:47 mamos lol it is momos

narayan khatri says:

Dear chef kanak I would like to suggest you. that dumpling is originally from Tibet not from Nepal. but it is famous in Nepal most people liked it. another thing don’t put sugar / vinegar in momo . who knows about momo they write comment about it. chef kanak I’m not critics about yours momo this is my suggestion to you. have a fun lots of thanks. ……………

hetal vakharia says:

my momos turned yellowish after steaming…i dn knw wat went wrong..any suggestions?

Ipsita Mishra says:

very nice thank u.

Avni Modi says:

are you using olive oil?

Ashok Kumar says:

just now prepared, it’s soooooo yemmiiiiiiii..thanks

Amy Abraham says:

can you make this with rice powder?

Noel Plouffe says:

How do you do that with the rolling pin. When you are rolling out the dough, you get it to spin as you flatten it out; genius, that’s what it is pure genius.

harshvi tolia says:

Maam, the momos got chewy and the stuffing was also coming out. Anything happened which went wrong?

kumar sami says:

execellent kanak kitchen for momo great and thanks


can I use a place of vinegar, soya sauce kijagh chili powder and termeric

Namy Kash says:

Which floor was used for momoes???

Tshering Gyaltsen says:

Kanak ji, For your kind information Momo is Tibetan term and its Tibetan refugees outside Tibet who introduced Momos worldwide including Nepal. If you don’t believe then Google about Momo and you will know.

Sam Dsalva says:

Hi kanak!
it’s one of mine favourite recipes,thank for sharing,from now I may not have to buy from outside! 🙂 hope whenever I made it makes perfect!

shilpa sharma says:


Artis tan says:

Nice recipe! I tried it but the flour coating turned out thick and chewy! Anything i must have done wrong?

Shankarlal Soni says:

ohh so lovely momos kanak Di like u I khushi

Saurabh Kashyap says:

I am a die hard momo fan…Tasty….

Yager M177 says:

Zhukulentos momos pro lince +10 pahpuh Encontrados crack

Elodie Coquillat says:

I tried these a few days ago and its sooooooo tasty!

nazeer balkunje says:


Bob Ray says:

dear chef I appreciate what ever you have cooked it but it is not can say dumpling but not MOMO.. if you want to cook our own Nepalese momo then try to search it and upload video saying MOMO…Nepalese momo is really testy we never add sugar vinegar and soya on momo stuffing

Shebin Thomas says:


Long Vũ says:


Shankarlal Soni says:

thanks dear diiiii

Monika Jain says:

Dear chef, you need to give the description of the momos sauce also. I would be highly obliged. Thankyou

Elbalehmdlw :3 says:

Por fin aprendi a hornear mi momo :v

Lumbinee Barua says:

thanks kanak..

Fiction Geek says:

So simple and awesome. Subscribed

Alisha Rai says:

hello madam im nepali nd i alwz make momo srry dis is totally wrong plz learn fst nd post dis vedio

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