Thai Mixed Veg Stir-Fry Recipe ผัดผักรวม – Hot Thai Kitchen!

This classic recipe will change the way to think about “mixed veg.” This stir-fry is garlicky, crunchy, full of flavour with a little kick from some Thai chilies. It’s our go-to dish whenever we need some extra veggies on the table!

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tintuu says:

You look soo beautiful and so the dish too; so nicely explained in English without a flaw. Thank you so much; Dish is as sweet and redish as you 😉

Well Noe says:

Sawaddee ka khun Pai. I’ve just discovered your channel. Thank you for inspiring our dinner table for the past 2 weeks. May I please request for a ข้าวหน้าไก่ tut? Thank you ka ☺️

well wisher says:

no salt or i missed that part

Saoirse Cea says:

hi can u also make a tutorial of vegie sum tam? if possible no and seafood. thank you…

Danielle Reeves says:

I’m a big fan of your channel… I’m cooking most of your dishes.. hugs ty….

c Lee says:

I absolutely hated two of these vegetables, broccoli and cauliflower. However, with all the thai ingredients added all i can say is Delicious!

Yer Make Me Sick To Be Human says:

and people say carbs make you fat, this is what fat people eat right? or is it the mcdonalds and all the diary? nah it’s gotta be the buns from all the burgers…

ForeverGandJ says:

i love stir fry.. I made this tonight for dinner, but I added tofu, Quail eggs and bean sprouts to the mix.. it was amazing!

A ewe says:

This is an excellent idea. It tasted so good even without any meat. I give this an ” A + “.
You are so pretty!!!

This person is dead says:

We don’t have Golden mountain sauce here in philippones, So, Is it ok if there is no Golden mountain Sauce I add? please Reply. thank you

doris ng says:

we called that mixed Chinese vegetable

Uriel Lopez says:

God shes so gorgeous ❤️

Zoe Heath says:

Hi Pai, thanks for this recipe! I cooked it today and it was delicious!

Tonny Milfiger says:

nice video ti laak 🙂
(i got a thai gf it’s friendly)

Shron Mahtolia says:

your recipes are incredibly simple and remarkably tasty. Kudos to your simple yet elegant way of explanation . Thanks a lot .We love Thai food and its a regular dish on our dining table.

Bob Bulsara says:

Enjoyed watching your video very much, will definitely try your recipe.
I would also use fish sauce.

kembang brownie says:

I watched your cooking channels and I luv your recipes so much. I’m so addicted to tom yam but I don’t know how to make a perfect tom yam, everytime when I feel want to hv tomyam, I will go to thai restaurant & I will makesure the chef also from thai bcos only thai people know the original taste,but after i watched your video, omg, amazing…♡♡♡

idris ellahi says:

sawa dee kaap

Eduardo Madlangsacay says:

I like your recipe @ also you pailin ..

Lida Valencia says:

thanks for the video.

Ramakan says:

I love your knife!!! Where can I buy one?

saru ghale says:

Super likes your cooking skills….thank you for sharing !!

sarah A says:

i like your recipes alot, one thing i noticed is that in thai cuisine theres always use of these store bought sauces, are they healthy? shouldnt we always try to use fresh ingredients? can you make these sauces on ur own at home?

Helen Concepcion says:

You are such a great teacher. As articulate and impressive as Martha Stewart.

Shane B says:

What is the reason you use the single flame plate instead of on the stove? Just wondering because I don’t have one but would invest if it is better for wok. Thanks!

Deana aiza says:

I’m ur fan now
Salam from Msia.

Nick Amarit says:

I love Chinese Broccoli… 🙂

Wil H says:

Any tips on recreating that smoky wok flavour on an induction stove? I’ve only achieved it once, but I’m not sure what I did differently to make that happen.

Johana Starck says:

can i use miso paste instead of oyster sauce?

Ronny Pigott says:

Very nice video and i love the way you talk quite similar to how the Burmese stir fry; love the way you smile .

vv n says:

very nice

Kriktang says:

You are hands down the best foodtuber around. What I like most about your videos is your attention to detail in your explanations. And you’re funny haha.

Balwant singh says:

I learn. try tonight

Balwant singh says:

I love thi food

SimplyToxic says:

Can I add beef to this dish? And when do I have to put in the beef

Nancy Yang says:

Made this last month, it was pretty good. Thank you ka for sharing!

Jennifer Browning says:


Addie Golden says:

Thanks, this dish was amazing! Can you please do massaman curry next?

Dabney Fountain says:

Who knew? THanks.

_ Broody says:

Great Vid! … And great tip on adding some water to avoid brown garlic. I have that sometimes and that makes the dish a bit biiter .. Not anymore 🙂

mansog reymond says:

i enjoying tho. the way you cooked, smiling face, damn! keep it up!

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