Hey guys, today we bring you a popular recipe that many of you have requested. Vegetable stir-fry with garlic sauce! This recipe is super easy to make… seriously… SUPER EASY!!! It’s also an incredibly flexible recipe so feel free to use any vegetables to your liking. Who needs Chinese take out?


5 cups vegetables of your choice (chopped and sliced)*
5 cloves garlic (finely minced or crushed)
3/4 cup vegetable broth/stock
2 tsp thickening starch (cornstarch, potato starch or tapioca starch)
1 tsp sesame oil
salt to taste, depends on the sodium content of the vegetable broth

1-2 tbsp oil for cooking (2 tbsp will make it taste more like Chinese restaurant style stir-fry)**

Mix vegetable broth & starch and set aside. On high heat in a wok or large pan (use medium-high heat if using a non-stick/ teflon coated pan) add oil & minced garlic and fry for 5 seconds. Quickly add vegetables. Stir-fry for 3-4 minutes constantly moving vegetables in the pan. If using low sodium vegetable broth, add in a good pinch of salt. When vegetables are a minute from being cooked, add vegetable broth mixture and continue cooking for 1-2 minutes until sauce has thickened. Do not overcook the vegetables so they still have a nice crunch. Remove from heat and drizzle in sesame oil. Mix and serve immediately. Enjoy!

*To make the cooking process easier we like to cut the vegetables according to their density/thickness so they all cook at the same time evenly. For example, thinly slice harder veggies such as carrots and vegetable stems. Cut softer vegetables like mushroom and bell peppers into manageable pieces but not too small. Broccoli and cauliflower work well as small florets.

**Use a high smoke point oil when cooking anything with high heat

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1024specialkay says:

you say “choy” so accurately! Are you cantonese?

calicarrot says:

Wow that’s so easy! I need to get a wok!

Veronica Salas says:

Oh my goodness looks sooo good!!!

Melied Baez says:

so…you put the wrong song on the description box XD

Lucresha Lewis says:

Loved it

Mrs Plant says:

This looks divine!!!!

Wise Guy4U says:

@ 1:35 Wot? Stuffed dawg walks into kitchen? Oven is in the right temperature? It is time.. to grill…..muahahaha.

Jessica Landa says:

How did you achieve that lovely shape with the carrots? So good!

Regina Randolph says:

What oil do you use at the beginning?

francesca Ⓥ di leandro says:

I have to get a wok asap so that I can try to recreate this as close as possible. Also, Priscilla is SO sweet ♥

Giusy Calavetta says:

nice recipe!

American made says:

Good stuff!!

LapisLeo26 says:

How do you get the carrots look like that? Like with the cool edges? Also I love the Buffy shirt!

skabelpunk says:

Easier than pieeeeeee! Yeaaaaah! Thanks for the oil tips. Do you recommend a certain type of wok or is a wok a wok and that’s it?

MightyHungry says:

Just want to say — you guys are awesome.

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

This looks really delicious and easy! Asian food is tricky to make for me (I think western food and baking is easier), so this is helpful!

e_marte says:

Delicious! I’ll def be trying this next week (I just made your donut recipe that I shared on my Instagram @vegan101 AND THEY WERE TO DIE FOR). If I was to add diced tofu to these stir fried vegetables for protein, at what stage would I add it in?

Bart Fox says:

First 50 seconds of your videos were wasted time since all you guys did was useless bs talk. Cut the chit chat and Get straight to the point next time.

Vegan Ambition says:

tofu stir frys are the best!

greenpeach20 says:

Of course by ‘Health Binge’ you mean eating super healthy until it’s Thanksgiving and you eat your weight in stuffing, potatoes and greenbean casserole and then do it again come Christmas where you eat your weight in stuffing, potatoes and casserole plus the weight of a small child in the form of pies and Brandy Alexanders with coconut ice cream. Or is that just me?

Lydia McLean says:

Could you use water to replace the veggie broth? Love your videos btw ☺️

Across theUniverse says:

i can’t wait to try this!

Dawn Faialaga says:

Hope you guys are ok have not heard from you for a long time ???

Abraham Alvarado says:

Who are the 3 A** holes that didn’t like it??
Why are you watching these videos just to “dislike”? Does it make you feel good inside??

Timothy M. LeBlanc says:

Where’d you get your shirt???

mark mister says:

You guys would make awesome neighbors.

Maria A says:

You guys are the cutest

The Pholosopher says:

Dau miu juy ho sic! Pea shoots are the tastiest! Great video, subscribed 🙂

Ines says:

Make a banh bo nuong recipe , please ~~~

Chester Izzy says:

U guys only married ur same race that is shameful and racist – sticking to your own kind. F u guys

tamcon72 says:

I want it, I want it now! Planning several months worth of variations on this as I watch : ) Thanks for posting!

studiointerface says:

geez keep the dog’s ass away from the food!!!!!!

Tanya S. says:

I really appreciate this video!!! I loooovvveeee Chinese food, so as a new vegan, I’m beyond excited to have found your channel!

Eudora Evans says:


Japan International Trade says:

God dam hipsters!

thanks for the tips ^.^ your glasses are cool

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