Roasted Winter Root Vegetables – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 250

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Ritchelle Mitchell says:

Soo wrong all the nutrients of the vegetables are just dried out! Too much time of roasting in the oven

Christina York says:

Laura really does do great recipes, but also I can’t get enough of that Italian-American culture!

Alejandrea Canul says:

OMG this one was my favorieted my family enjoyit and I really recomended . Thanks Laura my kids love it is the only way they can eat vegestables

Christina Bayer says:

I love this

Deborah Mattern says:


laxlvr_17 says:

It means exactly what it sounds like…

wetlazer says:

She leaves it with the skin on so she can get a nice bite of it. Whatever that means?

Mj Crowe says:

You are the best. Cooked the acorn squash last night with the balsamic vinegar glaze and rosemary. We grow veggies and have a fantastic crop of winter squash. And I took in my yuge Rosemary plant to winter over a third time. Recipe is Awesome, as are you. Thank you, Laura!

luigi santoro says:

Molto Brava

Orbind Bhakta says:

hi sexy!!!! looking good!!! 😀

milaangel29 says:

This recipe is so delicious …. Very Yummy 100% recommended .. Thank you Laura!!!!!

Ronda Goodlet says:

I would absolutely use this recipe, Love the ingredients and also the cook of them!!! Thanks Laura, Happy Holidays!

Zobaida Sriti says:

I liked your hair style. Your top is so beautiful because pink is my favourite colour

Scorpinox666 says:

How is Laura not a “true Italian?” She was born and raised in Italy! Laura’s great at what she does.

premier69 says:

+charm seeker : try with some greek youghurt lite spiced dip

N. Collinsworth says:

Looks sooo yummy!!!

Sherry Donald says:

gosh, you’re turning into my rescue recipe go to girl…   (  :  this looks devine !

yanping huang says:

vegetarian or vegan receipt ?

premier69 says:

i have about the same type of bottle i keep my vinegar in and i am wondering why there tends to build flakes in there?

Arcorange says:

Looks pretty good for the most part, but the vegetables should have a bit more room to breathe when they’re baking.

LeopardBella says:

Followed the suggestions on this video last night – the result was amazingly tasty veg that everyone enjoyed! So simple as well. Thanks for the video.

Alejandrea Canul says:

I really like it the only thing is that my acorn is still hard from the inside and It look rosted but not cook all the way

ricannewyorker says:

Gonna try it for my Christmas dinner…”:)”

Viking Mike says:


Tess Steckles says:

Just because I noticed someone having a paddy over ‘aluminium’ vs ‘aluminum’, there’s a spelling difference hence the pronunciation difference. Americans say aluminum because it IS that, and Brits like myself say aluminium because that’s how it is spelt here! Chill.

chuy25 says:

Need me a wife like her ! I am single lol thanks for the video

Jack Sami says:

will you marry me …….

Janjan Taengsirilak says:

why you have nail polish on while you are cooking.. basically you are just add toxic to the foods… 🙁 not sanitize at all 🙁

Ansul Singh says:

I am cooking today.


Emilie Solbu says:

do you think this would go well with duck breast? 

John Wealthy says:

I am stunned, it’s burnt. I would not eat it.

RICK11211 says:


Bob Tschetter says:

Excellent video demonstration of roasting root veggies.

wetlazer says:

Laura Vitale, related to Joe Vitale, the marketing genuis?

qwerty123627 says:

its burnt but anyway.

Lori Allen says:

We all have our own preferences as to “DONE” for roasted veggies. One can lower oven temp and cooking time. Remember, tho, Basalmic Vinegar has 2 properties that come into play when using it. The first is its color. When cooked, Basalmic will turn foods a very deep color and, may put one off because the concentration of color after what moisture is in the vinegar will evaporate off. Secondly, Basalmic is made by aging in wooden barrels. The “angel’s share” or evaporation of alcohol and juice is what makes Basalmic what it is! The consistency is syrupy when used in cooking. The sugars in Basalmic are concentrated. Because of that, high heat of roasting will caramelize faster than any sugars or starches in the roasted veggies. Ergo, the darker look and flavor. Here’s a solution, keep the Basalmic and the fresh herbs prepped and, to the side. Lower your roasting temp a bit and, cook longer so you have control of your outcome. Also, half way thru cooking, add the Basalmic and the fresh herbs. You’ll be stirring every 20 minutes to incorporate the flavors and rotating the veggies to crisp up evenly. You’ll get fresher flavors. Garnish with chopped Italian Parsley to brighten the appearance. No big deal! Great recipe, Laura! And, BTW, I am a Chef. Learn about the ingredients of the food you cook. Then you can spin any recipe. Hope this helps. I’m a subscriber now.

hmmmocha says:

Very interesting. Beautiful presentation

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