Roasted Vegetables – The Basics

Roasted vegetables are easy to prepare and cook. Blue Jean Chef Meredith Laurence teaches you how to roast vegetables perfectly. Full roasted vegetables recipe below.

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Roasted Vegetables

Red onion, wedges
Red pepper, chunks
Yellow pepper, chunks
Zucchini, large chunks
Eggplant, large chunks
¼ to ½ cup olive oil
coarse or kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme

1. Pre-heat the oven to 450˚ F.
2. Cut the vegetables into chunks, trying to make them all a uniform size.
3. Toss the vegetables with the olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh thyme.
4. Roast the onions alone for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then add the remaining vegetables and roast for another 10 to 15 minutes.
5. Remove from the oven and season to taste again, or garnish with some chopped fresh herbs or Parmesan cheese.

How to Cut a Pepper:

How to Cut an Onion:


Oliver Miréz says:


mybluebelly says:

Roasted vegetables, a great idea 🙂

Kate Snave says:

Be careful what olive oil you buy, most of it should get frequent flyer miles. Read the back and you will find it comes from or through many different countries. You might be getting some mixed breed combination of garbage! I buy only pure Italian olive oil, it cost more but you can really tell the difference, if you take a tablespoon and swallow it you should get a nice green taste with a slight after burn in the back of your throat.
Just be picky about what you buy. Don’t be fooled by a high priced oil, read the back!!

kliff stylianou says:

Thank you very clear and helpful looking forward to trying it

EndPur says:

Thank you for share…..

joyce sieczkowski says:

That looks so appealing. Love vegetables and roasted will be the way I want to try.

skchalivetlnd says:

omg cooking takes up so much time…

Sebastian says:

GREAT VIDEO! Thank you!

Bruce Kersman says:

VERY NICE AS ALWAYS!!   Do you ever make baked potatoes in a pressure cooker?? If so how do you do it?? Please be specific…. thanks

Tom Levine says:

Meredith, is always, the best!!! Question, best baking tray for oven roasting at higher temperatures?  Mine always, always warps…they get the job done, but, annoying.  Thanks, MER!  Please keep up the great work.  PS:  Buy her pressure cooker book…it’s the best!  It already has food stains from my kitchen which any cookbook author will tell you, is the very  highest form of praise.

Barbara Clinton says:

Thanks Meredith, I will be trying this right away. I just found your YouTube page, and I have been enjoying it immensely. I also watch you  the Q.

Mah Om says:

thank you very much

Jason Gafar says:

Nice dish and video. Be well friend.

ViviD NebulA says:

Woah I just learned how to cut a bell pepper! Haha. thank you !

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