Perfect Roasted Vegetables

Pick a vegetable, any vegetable! Here’s a tip for perfect—and perfectly simple—roasted veggies, no recipe required.

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George C says:

Awesome, always wanted a recipe like this.

Lars Møller says:

Yeah. Like that’s gonna happen….

linda parker says:

Thank you looks so delicious!!

Pooch says:

Bruh, bring back the moustache! Also when is Joule coming to UK?

Marquis Lee says:

What’s the point eatting vegetable and be health when u throw in ridiculous amount of oil

George Mathews says:

Puts the vegetables in a bowl, actually drizzles in “a little oil’ and rubs it in before roasting.. Ka-boom!! History is created..

Tasnuva Khaleque says:

Hi Thanks for the recipe. where to put zuccini? I mean which category

Azmat Khan says:

I also add some harissa paste to the vegetables and roast them for about 40 or 45 minutes and they taste lovely

Midnight7762 says:

Waited this wondersull stuff!
Ty guys!
My mood now better =)

rohan kamath says:

WHATTTT???? No sous vide?
:O :O

Lol… Thanks for the tips on the roasting times and temperatures. The veggies look awesome just off the tray. That’s just way too much oil though in the end. A little bit of oil or butter at the end to glaze them is ok but you’ve literally poured it on making it too greasy to enjoy the crisp freshness of the veggies.

Angelica Cakra says:

We all need our own Grant

Love you guys! All the love from Melbourne!

Jenny Forest says:

Oh my god. I’d been doing it the wrong way all along!!! Chef steps rescued my vegetables!!!!

Maciek Szelągowski says:

Guys, you’re amazing

Jesus Garcia says:

what a wonderful video. thank you so much for all of the great details.

{1765} Ioin, or Ðie says:

Why is there no demi being drizzled on them perfectly roasted veggies? I’m disappointed.

neighborhood Vision says:

Is Any body knows the back ground music, love instrumental music

Anuradha Phatak says:

What paper is in the tray that can go in the oven when on?

888TopGear888 says:

If I make this, how long can I keep it in the fridge before it starts going bad?
I feel like this is only good when its fresh out of the oven. 🙁

Suyoung Cho says:

Finally no sous vide :p

softopposite says:

“Little bit of oil”

> pours 1 litre of oil

Arshad Aziz says:

Are you sure that is “little bit of oil”?

Rohan Ghadi says:

Thank god he didn’t sous vide those veggies… Every time he does that

Rodd Hicks says:

Lol i though he was going to sous vide before roasting

Rohan Ghadi says:

Thank god he didn’t sous vide those veggies… Every time he does that

{1765} Ioin, or Ðie says:

Lettuce turnip the beet.

phresh says:

daddy please

THE 4 A's says:

We love it so much I wish I was the one who made that video

youtube watcher says:

You are no chef if you needed this much oil. Why did you not oil them in a bowl first?

A JK says:

If you put anymore oil the US will have to invade it

Harry Cuthbertson says:

Yeah but… Butter instead of oil….

Dani Osvaldo says:

Far too much oil

Kevin Jones says:

That’s really healthy until you realize there’s 120 calories in one tablespoon of olive oil

Shandrean Bass says:

Looks delicious! Will try it! Although not that much oil

hadaskate says:

so many olive oil!!!
great recipe…

JASON Z says:

Parchment paper?

Ryan Tai says:

Isn’t 220 degrees a little high? I tried this recipe with 220 and the vegetables burnt 7 minutes into cooking. Perhaps if the temp is dropped to say 180-190 then it’ll be more accurate…

Lee Shen says:

Only ChefSteps can make veggie so sexy to eat

MrLokilis says:

Finally! Been waiting for this video ever since you released the honey glazed ham one

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