Macaroni Salad with Spring Vegetables Recipe | Cooking with Dog

How to Make Macaroni Salad マカロニサラダの作り方 We would appreciate it if you could add subtitles for this video! Thank you for your support!
(serves 3)
50g Macaroni (1.8 oz)
1% Salt Water

80g Spring Cabbage Leaves (2.8 oz)
½ Cucumber
¼ New Onion
⅓ tsp Salt
1 tbsp Water

1~2 slices of Ham
3 Crab Sticks
3 tbsp Corn Kernels, boiled
1½ tbsp Mayonnaise
1 tsp Whole Grain Mustard
1 Boiled Egg
Black Pepper, coarsely ground

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Yhet Tabangin Ocud says:

Where to buy the pepper grinder like yours?

amale0201 says:

Merci beaucoup pour la traduction en français 😉

fireice2037 says:

What a cute little dish. Perfect for a bento box.

Night Angel says:

I’m going to make this. I might tweak a few things, but I’m definitely making this.

Orbit shop says:

Thank you

RedPhilosophy says:

Made this and it was so delicious! I just replaced the crab imitation with tuna and it will still delicious… yum :9

Sara Yoo says:

Holy crap looks so delicious!!!

gigi soutairon says:


Rhylem Kap says:

Does anyone know the song that starts at 2:30?

momkatmax says:

I suggest a quick rinse in cold water for pasta used in a salad before the draining and olive oil. This not only stops cooking it will remove a little starch clinging to the noodles. In cold salad this can become a little gummy.

Abhishek Dhas says:

Fantastic video, but all my attention was caught by the poodle!!

Ning Liao says:

the dog fell asleep at the back haha

HNL2PDX says:

❤ I’m making this over the weekend!

amale0201 says:

Très bonne recette miam

caketropolis says:

Omg, how cute is that little cucumber?!

Eugene See says:

hello Chef and Francis! 🙂
I was wondering if you have a recipe for a nice moist chocolate cake? 🙂

Express Cambodia says:

Which part of Japan do you live?

cheddar cheese says:

looks very nice chef

EarlPale 信仰 says:

Thanks for French subtitles 😉

G.Lee says:

Wow im really amazed how much this channel grew so much! its been probably 2013 when i first visited this channel it was even below 100k subs

NAMFON L. says:

why need to add water&salt to the vegetable? and remove the water after 10 minute?

Gem Lim says:

I replaced ham with canned tuna. Its really awesome chef francis! <3

田部モニカ says:

oishiiiii!!!!! THANKS

Fredrik Lemmetty says:

Thank you as always Chef! I wondered if you could do something similar to the crab salads they have in Japanese supermarkets? I do miss them sooo much and would love be able to treat my friends here in Sweden.

Hunnie says:

Can you please make “Boba or Bubble tea” ?

beritbunny says:

Amazing! Chef’s Kitchen is so beautiful with sunlight! 😀

Bob Bob says:

American or Japanese style mayo?

Maddie Jean 〈3 says:


Nat Nat says:

Poor Francis looked sleepy 😛

Its also nice to add small amount of green chilies and spam.


MADE IN ITALY 0099 says:

Hello Francis ! subtitles in Italian are not there!
you might look for some volunteer? どうもありがとうございました

khaleed watt says:

Dotty. gal

Miriam Desu says:

Ill be trying this for sure. Thank you :)))

Melyn pinonggan 09123064444 says:

Loren Gonzales says:

looks good, healthy and delicious I will make this salad. Chef you look younger and prettier.  thumbs up!!!!

lilblkrose says:

ahhh been looking for macaroni recipes uwu) ♡

Liliana Soetanto says:

I always watch ur video and I love how you make the video so easy to follow.. I’ve been trying several recipe from your channel and all turned out really well, Keep up the good work!

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