How to Steam Vegetables Correctly

Steaming vegetables is the healthiest way to eat them, and also the easiest. Add some butter, lemon, or your favorite spices to twist them up.

They go great on the side of any dish, especially my grilled chicken 😉

Watch the grilled chicken recipe here:

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All FREE says:

I got the steamer to make dumplings now I’m gonna steam some ….veggies

Michelle de Klerk says:

Thanks so much, appreciate this video! The chicken link didn’t work for me unfortunately

Solo Eldritch says:

i appreciate the info on steaming veggies. are you aware that muchrooms are a fungus not a vegetable?
TY though for the video.
now i do have a question. why did you do the beans 1st rather than the carrots? it would seem to me that the harder to steam of the 2 would have been the carrots. or does it really matter?
once again thanks! 😀

EndPur says:

Thank you for share…

G. Ming says:

She needs to stop smacking when she talks and also she needs to tie her hair up so her hair won’t drop in her food. Bad cooking etiquette.

David San says:

just steam it not with 45 degree or more to keep the enzyemes in it 🙂

Meha Prem Sankar says:

Thank You! this is so simple but I had no idea how to steam veggies before. I tried this last night and my vegetables were delicious!

Aleks Ich says:

my stomach doesnt like beans of any sort. any amount makes me fart the whole day and its so smelly >_<

Karen Leggett D.O. says:

Very nice, thank you.

Zehrah Arshad says:

Wow! You covered every detail that must be known when it comes to properly steaming vegetables! People are complaining how lengthy it is but why should you leave out any information in your tutorial!

Ravinraj Gopinath says:

Simple, precise and very informative. Thank you for that Amira. You have a fan from Singapore. Peace.


Kirsten Kingston says:

Thank you 🙂 I bought my first steamer last night and had great veggies today.

thabetian N says:

Is it on high or low temperature?

kam ora says:

You talk too much ffs.

salman habib says:

iam gna try this nw..been putting it off loong time

Channa Prabath says:


Atul Kumar says:

Thanks Amira I was going to buy an electric steamer but u save my money

sk8punk54321 says:

i don’t think you mentioned on how long too cook the carrots for… besides that i love this video it was very helpful ! now im ready too buy a veggie steamer !

izcool100 says:

Mushrooms are fungi, not vegetables

NTycingProductions says:

Very informative video, thanks for sharing. Nice MC watch too 😉

W.J. Kelly says:

This is the BOSS of all the ways to steam veggies. I will use it forever. Thanks!

Eddie Murphy says:

Both informative & fun to watch.

truth is indestructible says:

cooking each type of vegetable separately is such a crucial point , you put them all together at once and you get a mixed bag of undercooked and overcooked disappointment . simpler is always better

Susan Pius says:


Katrina Wilson says:

Can I use frozen vegetables?

PussyRiot1000 says:

This girl seems to have a cold. She should steam her face.

Deli Pedro says:

thank you, now i know what and how to do :))) i watched other videos on stemming carrots but yours is best for me. thanks

Kelon Garmon says:

Very useful video, I’d like to add or suggest replacing the water each time a vegetable is steamed.

PussyRiot1000 says:

Just buy a steamer

Dayan P says:

It’s really interesting to see when one capable of understand such complex subjects yet no ability to explain that to a another, (hence no audience),
and then there are others (rarely) like you, explaining a simple matter that most of the people already know and understand…yet capable of grabbing all attention of everybody eventhough; they already know how.
Beautifully done and well explained video. Don’t mind, even for a second, about bad comments..there will be always few that never will able to keep up no matter what.

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