How to Make Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe 春卷, CiCi Li

Spring rolls are popular traditional Chinese snacks. Back in the days, people eat spring rolls on the Li Chun Day, which is at the beginning of spring. In order to pray for good health, and they call it “bite the spring.” Later spring rolls gradually become an everyday snack. Today let’s learn to make Vegetable Spring Rolls. FOR THE FULL RECIPE CLICK HERE

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Melchor Robles says:


polanca says:

Hi there, that looks delicious, thank you for sharing the recipe! I was wondering what if I want to try cooking them in the oven, how many degrees would you suggest and for how long? Thanks

KayWal1981 says:

Chopped Glass noodles ? neat, i never seen them before . I am a meat and tatters man so i have not seen a lot of this stuff. Great video CiCi

Owl Leep says:

I LOVE spring rolls and i also LOVE.the saouse (sorry if i spelled wrong) its like sweet but also spicy!

Mrs. Thomas says:

She’s adorable!

Ebere Anya says:

Hi, thanks for the spring rolls, please can you teach me how to make baked chin chin?

Sara Harper says:

Have you made sweet and sour chicken yet?

Ro Del says:

Can I use rice paper instead of the traditional one?

jumana ahmed says:

Modus operandi Alhantong fried zucchini

Kemi Kayode says:

hi Cici, can I prepare my spring rolls and put back in the freezer to fry it the next day?

Steven Cung says:

I like this recipe

L1llyfire says:

lol this is awesome xD helpful and funny

Rainbow Crow13 says:

I love your mushroom knowledge! & am so excited to try those wood ear mushies. I am a big mushroom lover. How about next a raw/(uncooked) vegan summer rolls video please? & maybe how to make a vegan dipping sauce to go with, or a homemade sweet & sour sauce recipe video.

Diana Giles says:

yummy thanks for sharing

Noor Pekala says:

Always wanted to make spring rolls but was afraid to try, you made it look so easy! So will make them now. You asked what recipes we wanted, wow I thought no one would ever ask. I’ve been looking for a simple gravy reipe that I always get on Buddhas Feast in EVERY Chines restaurant, but can never find in Asian cook books or on line. If they do it’s always a brown sauce not clear like in the Chinese restaurants here in the U.S. Could you please do a video on that?!?!?! Thank you in advance if you do.

Zorbarela says:


Betty Teaney says:

I like the egg rolls u can fix them

saadat khawaja Khawaja says:

very simple way to teach, you are good,will progress best wishes

drkk says:


mintypets AJ says:

thanks alot i made spring rolls at school today we did not cook the wrapping though guess because we only have one hour i took them home and right now there in the oven

Patrick Li says:


medinalba says:

where can you get the wood ear mushrooms? and the other ones? are they dried or fresh? what about a diping sauce? please.thank you.

Davor Novakovic says:

these are chienesse rolls spring..Vietnham rules!!forever

Akane Mae says:

I’m so hungry now. love your cooking show

Kaw tar says:

too much oil

Nian's Cooking Diary says:

Nice & yummy

Bhagatjot Singh says:

What is the brand of spring roll wrappers? Where did you buy them? I have only found rice wrappers for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls which can’t be fried.

Denise Morgan says:

lovely thank you

Luke Warren says:

please do a recipe for 回锅肉

Eamonn Flemming says:

That music!  Crazy!

Alain Bradette says:

looks a bit like a lumpia wrapper

cory pablo says:

hello miss cici li im looking forward to see some more of youre recipe like how to cook steamed egg with minced meat ans stir fry chicken or pork,and some of youre soup dish recipe my employer is chinese and i have a hard time cooking this recipe thanks you anbd bye the way i try youre egg drop recipe soup and my employer like it.hope to see more of it thanks

Alice Liu says:

Thanks for this recipe I better try making this recipe but too bad I can’t make it I better buy it anyways thanks Cici Li

Alain Bradette says:

looks delicious

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