How to Grill Vegetables | Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

I bet you already grill vegetables all the time, but do they sometimes get a little burnt or cook unevenly? Problem solved! Today I’m going to show you the best ways to prep different vegetables so they cook perfectly. Some, like potatoes, need to be precooked, while other vegetables, like zucchini, yellow squash, or tomatoes, can go straight on the grill. To amp up the flavor, I’m adding some olive oil, thyme, and paprika, then topping the cooked vegetables with a red-wine vinaigrette mixed with a variety of fresh herbs. Once you get the basic ideas down, the possibilities are endless!

Sarah’s Tip of the Day:
Watch the video to get my tips for cutting even slices, and how to tell when everything’s done. Plus, I’ll tell you the secret to avoiding vegetables that are charred on the outside and raw in the middle.

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For even more info on firing up your veggies, take a look at our guide to grilling vegetables.

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Sarah Carey is the editor of Everyday Food magazine and her job is to come up with the best ways to make fast, delicious food at home. But she’s also a mom to two hungry kids, so the question “What’s for dinner?” is never far from her mind — or theirs, it seems! Her days can get crazy busy (whose don’t?), so these videos are all about her favorite fast, fresh meals — and the tricks she uses to make it all SO much easier.

How to Grill Vegetables | Everyday Food with Sarah Carey


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seems tasty

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Everyday Food says:

Let us know how it turns out, queenbrown17!

sucktackular says:

I missed the part where you grilled anything


i like ur videos

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How do you recommend “cooking” the potatoes first?

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wat if yu dont have a grill?

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Looks yummy!

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i just hugged my laptop that’s how much i enjoy your YT vids 🙂

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You have my mouth watering!!! These look soo yummy xxx

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This is awesome, thank you

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Lifetimeofmiracles says:

This is great for the ratatouille recipe that was in this month’s issue of EDF. I actually made the ratatouille yesterday but didn’t grill the veggies. I like the idea of doing a rub, when I do it next time I will try to grill the veggies instead!! Thanks

White Kita says:

that looks sooo yummy….

Mr. Ken says:

How and for how long do you pre-cook? You never said. Boil? Microwave? Bake?

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u r so sweet ,, i love u )))

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Too difficult for me? OKAY..

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