Grilled Vegetables the Easy Way | BBQ Veggies Recipe

You guys loved my Roasted Vegetables the Easy Way so it was about time I put out a BBQ/ Grilled version! Trying to step up my content now that I have a bit more time so let me know what you think! Subscribe for healthy recipes, tips and more: Subscribe for healthy recipes, tips and more:

How to Grill Vegetables
1. Wash your vegetables and dry them with a paper towel.
2. The denser vegetables should be cut and cooked smaller than less dense vegetables so that they cook evenly. Turn your BBQ on to Med-High. We want the Grill Hot for Grill Marks!
3. Drizzle olive oil onto the vegetables so that the have a nice sheen. About 2-3 tablespoon for 4 cups of vegetables.
4. BBQ vegetables at 350-450 degrees in for 15-20 minutes, flipping once or twice.

Roasted Vegetables The Easy Way:

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Jim J says:

Which city is this? Nice view

Malik Rahman says:

Nature’s bounty

Craig Riglin says:

Why didn’t you offer your neighbor in the background some veggies. When I Bar-B-Q out behind the apartment l always cook up plenty too be offered. It builds good local relationships . More real than social media.

Dale Doll says:

Suggest cooking the corn with the husks soaked and unwrapped. Looks great.

DormCraftProductions says:

sadly Texas fire code prevents me from having a grill at my apartment, but this was a feast for the eyes.

Bren Kama says:

oh wow!! the view from your rooftop is lovely

Charles Moore says:

Looks fantastic !

komal singh says:

super delicious

khulod Saud says:

This looks so good! Definitely gonna try to make it asap

stinkyeggs says:

Mmmmm yummy! Would this work on the little patio grill you have too? Do you recommend the one that you have?

campo870 says:

I’m an Australian planning on moving to Vancouver from the Australian bush in 2019. Never realised it has such amazing views. But I’m guessing an apartment like that is expensive as fuck?

Stephen Wurz says:

Those veggies look amazing. Thanks for the video!

PS: That view is worth a million Canadabucks.

chimbuchi phinehas says:

looks about frying them?

maremacd says:

How rude was that guy in the background? He could’ve sat anywhere. What city is this?

ckrtom2 says:

This looks AMAZING stud! Blew me away — no pun intended. 🙂
Beautiful backdrop. Are you in Asia/
Love your videos my man.

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