Garlic Vegetable Stir-fry: In the Kitchen with Maile

Easy to make Garlic stir-fried Vegetables, Maile style!

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qwertyuychua says:

chopsuey in the philippines

Khemy Xo says:

you spoiled the healthy stuff with sugar

xy23 kj says:

How do u cut carrots like this ? With curls

Simon Gomes says:

Mangagirl says:

Mmm that looks delicious!!

Jodye Elle says:

i love chillies! spicy food is my fav.

Kitchen Chef says:

nice recipe

EllaRiz Esguerra says:

Where’s the complete recipe??

Rosé says:

Why not use a wooden spoon?

Lekshmi Nigesh says:


Tessa Collins says:

What kind of tofu you cook? Some tofu are soft and easy to break! Thanks chef maile

Blanca villa says:

Where do I get a wok?

GianMorelos Barreo says:


Lekshmi Nigesh says:

but CR-V dear.

Sheila House says:

Maile is so beautiful ~
Thank You for sharing.

khushi sethia says:

What can be the replacement for oyster sauce?

Nenad Krstic says:

what sauce is she using?

Amazing Videos says:

that pan is too big for your hands love.

Clifton Painter says:

Mega excellent! I want it.

Charlesetta Tugar says:

next time brown sug , very nice looking dish thanks

RNS TV says:

Fine af

Ankit Nagpal says:

Do i need to boil vegetables before frying ?

Ahhyann Sy says:

Cabbage first same as carrots and brocolli? Haha looks good but cook unevenly

Zoelakerbot says:

If I had a dollar for everytime she say the word “some.” Lol look delicious though

Mike Wiksyk says:

I’m using cashews instead of tofu on top of a bit of spaghetti

EndPur says:

Thank you for share…

Somayeh Mahmoodzadeh says:

What was the last you add ? Thank you

ragesh parnami says:

lol no salt

morey11511 says:

Why don’t you tell us what kind of oil you idiot

Mari Sol says:

Why sugar ? You don’t need sugar….

Jovie Sapico says:

Hello Mailes I really love ur cooking simple easy but yummy! Ur sexy chef!

Creepy says:

busting in her mouth 😉 I’m sure that’s the way she likes it

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