Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 733

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Ms , Justine Shumate says:

beef and vegetable stir fry

neha doe says:

you can simply add sme boiled spaghetti to it..chopped chilli for sme heat or tofu in the stir all time fav yummmm

Mimi Shady says:

can u plze make seame chicken

Sharen Truth says:

Thank you so much. I am new to cooking and this turned out GREAT! My spouse absolutely loved it!

Anna Kinser says:

M m

PokerQueen87 says:

I made this and came out nice, I added noodles to the pan at the end

Christopher Slavitt says:

I would like to have a thicker sauce. Can I add a cornstarch slurry near the end of cooking?

Donald Wallace says:

that looks and smells amazing yes I could smell that threw my computer, good job Laura.

Latest Unique says:

Make Vietnamese food please!!!

zainab abdeali says:

Anything I can use instead of oyster sauce?

Elisa Fuller says:

Hi Laura,
I just recently discovered your channel and have made only a few of your recipes. I have been trying to use a wider range of veggies in my cooking and bought an eggplant to try. It’s such a different texture. Do you have any recommendations for using it?

Oh adams says:

Laura don’t you add chicken stock??? is it necessary??

Carol Krab says:

Waaanh how many stove you have front back infront

Sabrina Jones says:

What is the calories amount for this dish???

michelle yanez says:

Does the ginger give the sweet taste to it?

fariha zabin says:

does the oyster sauce have to be thick? can I use the normal bottled one?

A D Seetohul says:

You r so cute and pretty…I just stared at you..and u said bye in a few moments…!!!

Yellow Duck says:

awesome im going to make this tonight for supper …thanks!!

Jennehfah says:

do you have a kung poa chicken recipe?! Been looking for one

shinyam75 says:

Great recipe, but you can also add soy, some sugar, and a hint of sesame oil for add flavor. If you want it spicy, some chili flakes or chili peppers is good. If you want a thicker sauce, add water and 1 tsp of corn starch. Also, I recommend marinating the chicken for 30 mins in the sauce before using. Chicken thigh works well too, and is very tasty. Make sure to reintroduce the chicken in at the very end, when all the liquids have boiled away. Otherwise, the chicken will steam and the texture and taste will be off.

Aleicia Copeland says:

This is a an amazing recipe! Delicious!

MaryAnne Astor says:

Thanks for doing this recipe. I’ve tried to make stir fry in the past it always comes out over cooked and drowning in soy sauce. This came out perfect (vegtables were crisp and retained their flavor) and the flavoring was just right. Love your shows !!!

Zekester says:

Sweet Jesus you are stunning!! Thanks for the tips 2 years later!

dominic tyrell says:

Great video Laura! I think it will good also if you showed some nice lamb and beef stir-fries! Thanks for sharing.

L H says:

chicken was dry…tastes better when dipped in flower before frying

fabiana alonso says:

Made it and it was amazing

Nayanshree Mall says:

love it!!

Skankhunt42 Hunt says:

I can’t be the only one that says “Hi guys I’m Laura vitale” just like Laura in the beginning of every video lol

LinkinParkRocks131 says:

How many chicken breast did you use?

Sonakshi Sharma says:

what can i use as a substitute for the oyster sauce?

chany A says:

what can I substitute instead of oyster sauce

cutecaney says:

in Indonesia we usually put in garlic n ginger first then chicken and veggie. we also use the soy sauce n oyster sauce for stir fry sometime, we add 1/2 tea spoon of sesame oil 🙂

MARLENE Stamm says:

can you make a pork or chicken lomein?

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