3 Vegetable Recipes to Lose Weight

Want to eat abundantly, yet lose weight at the same time? Then listen to your mum and eat your Veggies every day!

Yes we do need to reduce the amount/calories we eat in a day to lose weight (assuming they are mainly high calorie junks or calorie dense food which led to weight gain in the first place), but NO, do not reduce the amount of vegetables you eat. More is better. Vegetables should be the largest portion in your meal and the best part is, you don’t have to count the calories. They are extremely low in calories, high in fiber, hence tricking the stomach to feeling full and it’s almost impossible to overeat vegetables.

Here are 3 Christmas Vegetable Recipes, which you can make for your christmas dinner and also throughout the year. I’ve used very minimal ingredients because we want the highlight of the dish to be the Vegetable. We want the natural sweetness and taste to come from the veggie.

The vegetables taste equally good, served warm of cold. So you can always prep them earlier. =)

Try them out and let me know which is your favourite. xx

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Julia Ortiz says:

how about amminos

Rosannasfriend says:

YUM, all look awesome!

Maggie O'Moore says:

Watching this video about 2 years later and I can’t wait to try these dishes for my family’s Christmas dinner!

Pretty Little Liars says:

Defiantly trying the carrot one considering I LOVE carrots and they improve eye sight!

George Petrovski says:

Great video! Thx!

Eden Blair says:

i’ve never heard anyone call raisins “sultanas”. “sultana” means (sort of) queen in Arabic…sultan is a kind of ruler. sultana is female sultan.

rehanasadique says:

love u for these dishes 

Mihaela Mocanu says:

Olive oil it is not a good oil for cooking because it loses all nutrients at high temperature. The same is with honey. Moreover honey is toxic at high temperatures. So, you can use coconut oil for stir-frying and raw honey to put it after the carrots are not hot anymore. Always eat 80% raw vegetables with 20% cooked, learn how to help your digestion by reading about food combing and drink water between meals. Good luck everyone!

Talha Khalid says:

one little advice, spare some time to read books on different religions as well, Quran Bible etc to distinguish which Religion is Pure and more energising for your soul as well as recommended by ALLAH GOD etc

Tykira says:

Joanna, somehow you got me to eat carrots. I’ve never liked eating carrots or vegetables to begin with. Thank you for getting me to LOVE to eat vegetables!! <3

priyanka singh says:

hi joanna u r the best i want  to be like u after delivery now i am 68kg i want again 55kg plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss help me

Tiffony Pinaire says:

Great recipes!! 🙂 I will have to try them out. I love your videos! You come up with new recipe ideas I haven’t come across before and you explain them in a clear yet quick way.

Eloisa /architecture says:

How can I make the vegetable stock at home?

Talha Khalid says:


Talha Khalid says:

Appreciation form me and my family on your good work>>> Best of Luck

Dean Lumia says:

You are awesome! Thank you for teaching me how to cook so that it tastes good 🙂

Deb Orol says:

For really healthy cooking ditch the teflon cookware..

Rhians Nkn says:

I Thought uou were a vegan/vegetarian. EXCUSE ME!!! For thinking
you were one of us.have a good day.

Jesus Rodriguez says:

You are beautiful, thanks for the help!

CRISSEL Dmello says:

I am dieting from 4 days , and it really helps thanks

Syeda Thanzina says:

I luv how you talk
You look so pretty mashallah

kriSTAR says:

Carrots are definitely the best 😉

Beautiful Eyes says:

wow…my niece’s name is Sultana,  How interesting!  I did not know that there was a raisin called sultana.   lol

aimeecurry46 says:

Those all look very good thank you.

Pearline Gordon says:

hey Joanna,pls make a video about fruits salad pls…thanks for making me start to eat healthy 🙂

Gwen Miller says:

Sounds like a plan I could stay with. I would add some fruits too, after the veggies. 

Faizi Thezeeji says:

Hi Joanna i watched some of your video.. and i like it! It’s simple and encourage me to do better about what i should eat and how to be creative about menu and yess maybe i will get bonus (weight lose edition hahaha).. keep doin it.. and thank you so much.. xo from Indonesia

Rhians Nkn says:
A. Aviles says:

Hello Joanna, let me start by saying I love all your videos/ tutorials. However I wanted to ask you, which mixed herbs did you add to the carrots?

timeheals0097 says:

I tried the cabbage salad and it turned out soo good!

Lokesh Kumar says:

sry to ask this why r u not adding any salt to ur recipes may I know the reason pls joanna

Samella Green says:

Hello joanna i have been following u on YouTube. I love what u share with others i try to keep up but i have a lot of illnesses im dealing with so i fall behind, but now im feeling a little better so thank u.

Suzanne Nijem says:

How about carrot sticks and French dip?

Melly Akinduro says:

the carrots!!

Nicole Sonobe says:

nice recipes. I think it is Brussel sprouts, not Brussels sprouts..a bit of a tongue twister!

Ylrac Nottals says:

Hi Joanna, I am very allergic to msg but I love soy sauce.  Which type do you recommend and what do you mean by fermented in a traditional manner? (I live in the USA if that helps narrow down a type of soy sauce that I would have access to).

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